Cyber Security Month Is Here

Cyber Security, Digital Handshake.

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month and UCO’s Office of Information Technology wants you to stay cyber aware.  That is why we are hosting multiple events throughout the month to shed a brighter light on what we all can do to implement stronger security practices and raise community awareness.  Staying safer and more secure online starts with STOP. THINK. CONNECT. – the simple, actionable advice anyone can follow. STOP: make sure security measures are in place. THINK: about the consequences of your actions and behaviors online. CONNECT: and enjoy the Internet. . . .  read more

Closed Captioning for Campus

The Office of Information Technology, in collaboration with the Center for eLearning and Connected Environments (CeCE), has adopted an official closed captioning solution for UCO. Closed captioning provides subtitles for video, which provides numerous benefits and expand the reach to our audiences.

Benefits of closed captioning include:


Captions provide equal access and opportunity to those utilizing assistive technologies. . . .  read more

Collaborating for STEM

The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Teaching and Research Center, set to open its doors this fall is a 57,000 square-foot state-of-the-art building that will house brand new research labs, classrooms and faculty office space. Faculty and students will have the opportunity to work side by side in the research and teaching laboratories from a variety of disciplines across campus including forensic science, cell and developmental biology, genetics, biomedical engineering and nursing simulation. This building will also become the permanent home for the Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Education and Research (CIBER) and the Center for Research and Education in Interdisciplinary Computation (CREIC). . . .  read more

Want to Make Your Meeting Zoom?


Now you can. In a collaborative effort with the Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education and OneNet, UCO now offers Zoom – a web conferencing tool that unifies cloud video conferencing, online meetings and collaboration into a single intuitive platform.

Why Zoom?

As a cost-savings strategy, UCO IT has reduced overall web conferencing costs by 90% per licensed user. Additionally, Zoom aligns with IT’s availability strategy – to provide secure, reliable access to university resources for students, faculty, and staff – and improves student engagement by providing opportunity for more effective learning in virtual classrooms with any mobile device. . . .  read more

Above and Beyond Award for UCO’s NCUR Technology Team

Council on Information Technology: Oklahoma Higher Ed Summit

The Oklahoma Higher Ed IT Summit, presented by The Council on Information Technology (CoIT), took place May 21-22 in Oklahoma City. The conference brings together information technology professionals from around the state of Oklahoma to accomplish its strategic direction.

This year’s conference focused on four main themes: campus experience, leadership and strategy, cyber security, and technology and trends. More than 10 individuals from the University of Central Oklahoma’s Division of Information Technology attended the annual event. . . .  read more

UCO Tech Store Focuses on You

Central Tech Store

There have been major changes with the UCO Tech Store in the past year.  The Central Tech Store began as a small retail spot in the Nigh University Center – a come-and-go destination where faculty, staff and students could quickly make a purchase and continue on their way.

Now, with a new, much larger space in the Nigh University Center, the Central Tech Store has been transformed into a student-focused destination and a full-fledged Central experience offering: . . .  read more

Taking Time to Smell the Chili and Support the UCO Faculty/Staff Campaign

The 2018 Spring Semester has started off hot with the Office of Information Technology’s 5th Annual Chili Cook-off and Bake-off. Every year OIT gathers their recipes and their smack talk and goes for the gold in support of the UCO Faculty/Staff Campaign. Beginning as just a chili cook-off, it was soon realized that the event needed something extra to cut the heat. So the bake-off category was added. . . .  read more

IT Superheros At UCO

Superheroes abound in the movie world these days. Superman is faster than a speeding bullet. Spider-Man has tingling Spidey senses. The Hulk smashes. Thor has his mighty hammer. Iron Man is…well Iron Man. They use their special powers to protect the world from evil and provide endless hours of movie fun.

UCO IT staff members are the Avengers of the technology world. We work tirelessly to keep you safe from the many perils and pitfalls that can be found on the internet, in your email, or just because you accidentally deleted your term paper. . . .  read more

Farewell 2017, Hello 2018: A Year In Review

It’s been said, “You can’t get where you’re going if you don’t know where you’ve been.”  Don’t ask me who said it but it is a great quote. The Office of Information Technology has a road map for the coming year. In fact we have an atlas for the next few years culminating in 2020. But before we kick off a new journey through 2018, we’d like to travel back through 2017 and share just a few of our historical markers. . . .  read more

Where in the World Wide Web is the Web Redesign Project?

UCO website

How does a university connect with an ever-evolving generation, who is more tech-savvy and digitally connected than ever?

Well, we’re glad you asked. We gave our website a little of that “Fixer Upper” vibe and rolled out a brand new look. But, it’s not all sunshine GIFs and lazy memes. It’s hard work! Just ask the Web Content Team.

The Web Content Team consists of Adrienne Nobles, assistant vice president for University Communications; Stephanie Edwards, director for client services for the Office of Information Technology; Darren Denham, content administrator for the Office of Information Technology; Sarah Neese, communications and marketing coordinator for University Communications, and several other hard-working people throughout the university community, all of whom have been working to build page after page for the new site. . . .  read more