Vaccine Hesitancy, Barriers and Inequity among the Latinx and Hispanic Community

Maria M. Diaz Montejo, Ph.D., lecturer, department of history and geography

Currently, John’s Hopkins estimates Covid-19 has taken 1 in every 500 Americans.  These statistics do not consider the social, economic and cultural impact to communities throughout the United States.  The development of a vaccine to combat this virus was the goal from the earliest signs of the potential deadliness of this virus.  . . .  read more

Tech Corner: Alternate Email and Password Reset

Stephanie Edwards, manager of IT communications and web strategy

Keep your alternate email and other contact information up-to-date so that you can always recover any lost account information. Visit the Employee Tab in UCONNECT and click Update My Central Alert to verify your contact information today.

Reminder, the email address is no longer in use. You can now visit the online service desk to . . .  read more

Staff Senate Update

Ellen Schmidt, master electrician

The Staff Senate met on Tuesday, October 5th. Our guest speakers were Bucky Dodd, Assistant Vice President for Education Strategy and Innovation and Chief Learning Innovation Officer, and Dene Roseburr-Olotu, Director of Diversity and Inclusion.

The Senate passed SSR-2021/2022-002 . . .  read more

Faculty Senate Update

Dr. Kristi Archuleta, professor, organizational leadership

The UCO Faculty Senate holds meetings the second Thursday of each month. The regularly scheduled September meeting was held on Tuesday, October 12th due to the timing of fall break. Provost Charlotte Simmons was unable to attend as she was at the Oklahoma State Capitol representing UCO; however, the following guest speakers were able to . . .  read more

November Years of Service