Feature Story: Have Some Holiday Shopping?

Sydney Wood, employee relations specialist

The holidays are approaching quickly, and I, for one, am trying to avoid the inevitable panic buying of last-minute holiday gifts this year. Not only am I procrastinator when it comes to gift buying, I am also a self-accepted awful gift-giver. With the internet at my fingertips and a tight timeline, I get quickly overwhelmed and usually end up buying . . .  read more

Get-to-Know a Broncho

Sydney Richardson, engagement and outreach coordinator, Office for Advancement

What is your background?

I grew up in Edmond, and after high school, I attended UCO where I earned my B.B.A in Marketing and a Minor in Leadership. My time on campus was never boring! Between leadership organizations, my sorority and the many internships I was lucky enough to have, I learned a lot about myself and my passions. This eventually led me back to campus in an . . .  read more

Planned Giving Matters

Kandace Taylor, marketing and public relations director, Office for Advancement

A simple question often asked is, “What is it?” Throughout the day, the question can easily arise and lead to any number of simple responses. That same question to a chemist, however, can be much more complex. Chemists turn to science and trusted instruments in order to identify exactly what something is – or what it could become.

Throughout . . .  read more

Retirement Planning Seminars

Oklahoma Teachers’ Retirement System

The Teachers’ Retirement System (TRS) of Oklahoma is happy to begin its Fall 2021 Retirement Planning Seminar series. TRS encourages members within 5 years of retirement to attend this FREE seminar to help them understand their retirement benefits and plan for the future.

These seminars will be held virtually via Zoom Webinars. Participants will . . .  read more

Refresher Course Alert: Governance at UCO

Jill Lynch Silva, talent development specialist

You may or may not know that there are several groups that help keep our university thriving: the Oklahoma State Regents for Education and Regional University System of Oklahoma (RUSO) are strong examples. Equally important are the voices of our Staff and Faculty members through our Staff and Faculty Senates and of course, UCOSA (University of Central . . .  read more

Holiday Thoughts on Safety

Jeff Mlekush, coordinator safety operations

The holidays are coming around again, and we’d like to bring safe practices to the forefront of your thoughts during this most exciting time of year. The season brings joy and cheer, but fatigue, frustration, and added responsibilities can also fall upon us.  We tend to ignore warning signs, act unsafely around hazards, or rush around.  . . .  read more

October Policy Changes

Mary Deter-Billings, manager of employee relations

Employee Relations conducts a review of current UCO policies and updates as necessary in partnership with those who manage the policy. In October, the following policy changes have been made:

  • Anti-Nepotism in the Employment of Relatives policy was updated to clarify the current process in requesting exceptions.
  • Transfers and Promotions policy was discontinued as the policy has no actual steps or requirements.
  • Unpaid Intern policy was updated to include links to training plan example and template documents. References to Volunteer Employee policy was removed. 
  • Volunteer Employee policy was discontinued as the policy did not reflect actual practice. Volunteers at events sign a Participant Waiver and are not limited to faculty/staff members.

Visit the Policy Changes page on The Hub to see a full list . . .  read more

Screening Committee Training Updates

Jill Lynch Silva, talent development specialist

Do you have an open position in your department? Are you planning to hire a new team member in the near future? If so, you may need to review the updated UCO Screening Committee online training. This version is bursting full of new knowledge, resources and updated procedures that will help you separate the best from the rest.

In this new iteration . . .  read more

Understanding Equity

Cristi Moore, Inclusion Strategist

A primary function of the Office of Inclusive Community is to promote the use of equity-mindedness throughout all facets of higher education and workplace policies, practices, procedures, curriculum, norms, etc. We want all of our faculty and staff to view their work through an equity-mindset in order to advance diversity and inclusion.

As we work . . .  read more