More Dollars for Scholars

We know the spring semester just started and you’re probably still getting back into the swing of things at Central. You probably haven’t started thinking about the 2020-21 school year, but now is the perfect time to start! Dust off that list of achievements, campus and community involvement and those personal statements, because the UCO Scholarship . . .  read more

Be Unique…Choose UCO Greek!

Are you interested in giving back to the community? What about finding lifelong friends? Or developing leadership skills and becoming a part of a national network or support? Then joining a fraternity or sorority may be for you!

Fraternity and sorority life at UCO has been around for more than 60 years with more than 20 organizations that are a part . . .  read more

So, You’re Moving into the Residence Halls…

Starting college is a new experience filled with many different emotions. Excitement, anxiety and anticipation are all feelings students have leading up to entering their first college classroom or moving into their dorm room. Being prepared and having a well-organized space not only helps to feel more at home but can also help you feel ready to . . .  read more

Dorm Room, Sweet Dorm Room

girl stands in front of her bed in her dorm room

Every summer, new students prepare for their first year here at the University of Central Oklahoma. Students search the depths of Pinterest, looking for the perfect packing list, dorm hacks, and most importantly, dorm decor. Decorating the perfect dorm is no small task and can often require hours of research, shopping and labor. Students spend hours . . .  read more