In Memoriam


  • Alyce Loree McConnell Rice (B.S. ‘45)
  • Shirley Patrick Mankin (B.A.Ed. ‘57)
  • Jackie Krutsinger (B.S.Ed. ‘59)
  • Charles Lewis Hunnicutt (B.A. ‘60)
  • Robert “Chuck” Cantwell (B.S. ‘63)
  • Ethel Rosetta (Trinkle) Werblo (B.S.Ed. ‘63)
  • Tommy Alvin “Coach” Heidebrecht (B.S.Ed. ‘67)
  • Thomas John Vaughn Jr. (B.A.Ed. ‘67)
  • William P. Livermon (B.S. ‘68)
  • Lloyd James Bush Jr. (B.B.A. ‘69)
  • Walter J. Gillispie (B.S. ‘69)
  • James Allen Hellams (B.A. ‘70)
  • Esther “Teri” Bodanis Shifrin (M.Ed. ‘70)
  • Mary Nell Traywick (B.S.Ed. ‘66, M.Ed. ‘70)
  • Sue Ann Risinger (B.S.Ed. ‘71)
  • Carol J. Meyer Lingreen (M.Ed. ‘72)
  • Judith Stevens Raulston (M.Ed. ‘73)
  • Anna Beth Heidebrecht (B.A. ‘69, M.Ed. ‘74)
  • William Wray McCollum (B.S. ‘72, B.A. ‘73, M.Ed. ‘75)
  • Barbara Booth Ryan (B.S.Ed. ‘75)
  • Meredith Ann Cocklin (M.Ed. ‘76)
  • Julie Sue Marks Blackstone (B.A. ‘77)
  • David Delor Dixon (B.S. ‘78)
  • Willa Mae ‘Wanzor’ Goolsby (B.S. ‘68, M.Ed. ‘78)
  • Pauline Laura Wilson-Hartley (B.B.A. ‘80)
  • Leonard Mathias Reynen (B.S. ‘78, M.A. ‘84)
  • Walter Arthur Greenwood (M.Ed. ‘88)
  • Carolyn (Malkowicz) Grosche (B.A. ‘88)
  • Linda Lawson (B.S. ‘89)
  • Nicole Renee Westerhoff-Sanders (B.S. ‘99)
  • Wesley Allan Dickson (B.S. ‘00)

UCO alumna Sgt. Meagan Burke died Sept. 29, 2022, in a head-on auto collision. While at Central, Burke was a member, and goalkeeper, of the UCO Women’s Soccer team, and made an appearance at the 2012 NCAA Division II Women’s Soccer Championship. During her senior year, Burke played 1,677 of 1,780 possible minutes in goal during . . .  read more

Alumni Notes

‘77 Carolyn Cotton (M.Ed., ‘77) was inducted into the Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Hall of Fame.

‘79 Clayton Nolen (B.S.Ed., ‘73, M.Ed., ‘79) was selected into the Oklahoma African American Educators Hall of Fame, Inc.

‘81 Greg Winters (M.Ed., ‘81) was inducted into the Oklahoma Career and Technology Education Hall of Fame.

‘87 . . .  read more

The Impact of Legacy

The Impact of Legacy – The Central community extends multiple generations, all of which leave a lasting and impactful legacy. Pictured, UCO President Patti Neuhold- Ravikumar. Photo by Lauren Bieri.

Honoring the Legacy of Broncho Athletes

THIS FALL, THE UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA INDUCTED seven individuals and two national championship teams into the UCO Athletics Hall of Fame at the annual banquet. The banquet highlights past student-athletes who have record-making athletic careers. These athletes are recognized not only for the athletic accolades they earned, . . .  read more

Carrying Legacy

Commencement – a beginning and an ending.

For most students, reaching commencement is among the most joyous moments in both their academic careers and lives in general. The end of years of work and the beginning of the next chapter of their lives. And we would be remiss to forget the families who stood by their students through their academic journeys – watching them achieve their dreams . . .  read more

Forever Central

Creating a Legacy at UCO

UNIVERSITY OF CENTRAL OKLAHOMA ALUMNA DIANNE BUSCH HAS LIVED A LIFE centered on education. Inspired by her grandmother and mother, who both received their degrees from Central State, Busch began her Central education in 1964.

Thanks to a student loan and an on-campus job in the work-study program, Busch was able to live on campus and enjoy the college . . .  read more

A Distinguished Honor

Distinguished Alumni Award medal

Each year, during homecoming week, the UCO Alumni Association honors some of its most outstanding alumni with the Distinguished Alumni Award. This prestigious award recognizes alumni who have become world-class ambassadors of UCO. Award recipients have demonstrated distinctive and notable accomplishments in their careers and professional lives, as . . .  read more

Homecoming 2022

Bronchos Untamed

The University of Central Oklahoma celebrated Homecoming 2022 with a week of events in October. The theme, “Bronchos Untamed,” showcased the unstoppable spirit of Central students, faculty, staff and alumni. Past, present and future Bronchos engaged at the homecoming festival and tailgate; honored graduates, faculty and staff from 1972 and prior . . .  read more

Teaching Through Trauma

Breaking the Mental Health Stigma in Newsrooms

By Deirdre Steiner

YOU CAN ASK VIRTUALLY ANYONE OVER THE AGE OF 30 where they were Sept. 11, 2001, and they’ll likely give you a detailed account – the most mundane details of the day that are seared in their memories.

Every generation has these pivotal events that become part of our collective memories and experience. Most understand that these . . .  read more