Scaling Transformative Learning Using eLearning

Dr. Bucky Dodd

The connections between transformative learning and elearning are rich and create an environment prime for innovation and learning excellence. eLearning is a broad term used to describe the use of technology to empower and support learning experiences.

eLearning strategies can provide unparalleled access to transformative learning experiences through . . .  read more

Design for Better Learning Experiences

Dr. Bucky Dodd

Introduction to Learning Environment Design: An Open Course

In May 2016, the University of Central Oklahoma, Institute for Learning Environment Design launched an open course called Introduction to Learning Environment Design. This course is the first is a series of seven courses leading to a certification – Certified Learning Environment Architect (CLEA).

The introduction course is comprised of interactive . . .  read more

Using Backward Course Design to Create Successful Online Courses

Dr. Bucky Dodd

I have personally experienced many different approaches and methods for designing online courses. These typically break down into three different categories, or orientations to design:

  • Content focused
  • Experience focused
  • Outcomes focused

Each of these methods has their strengths and downfalls.

With content focused design, you start with the topics you want to teach and then you develop materials or activities . . .  read more

Moving from Information to Experience: Strategies for Enhancing Learner Engagement and Success


Key Points

  • Much of our higher education system has traditionally relied on methods for opening access to information

  • Our role as educators is always changing and adapting to the needs of learners

  • Successful learning environments use information to enhance the experience of learning

The Problem Facing Learner Engagement

One of the more common concerns I hear from educators related to design . . .  read more