Senior Capstone Concert

Senior Capstone Concert: Refraction
7:30 p.m. Dec. 15, 2022
Mitchell Hall Theatre


Tabula Rasa
Choreographer: Megan Esplin
Music: Burnout composed and performed by Jonathan Haywood and Draco Beedle
Cast: Chinami Imura, Maddie Laws, Ariel Luna, Gracie Mchpetridge, Lyric Neel, Kaito Ono, Dakota Ross, Jade Russell, Chloe Taylor

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Kaleidoscope Dance Company Fall Concert

The University of Central Oklahoma
College of Fine Arts and Design
and the
Department of Dance

UCO Kaleidoscope Dance Company
With KD2
2022 Fall Concert

7:30pm Nov. 17-19
Mitchell Hall Theatre

Faculty and Guest Choreographers

 Bubba Carr  •  Sheri Hayden
Tina Kambour  •  Kim Loveridge
Amy Nevius  •  
Alexander Olivieri
Hui Cha Poos  •  Nate Tylor
Andrew Wass

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#CFADWorks: Eric Chambray

In the dressing room for “Le Rêve,” dance alumnus Eric Chambray shares his journey from the UCO College of Fine Arts and Design to the Las Vegas stage.

After studying dance at the University of Central Oklahoma, Chambray began his career with Royal Caribbean Cruises, Norwegian Cruise Lines and Tokyo Disney. For the past 10 years, Chambray . . .  read more

#CFADWorks: Milena Govich

Clapboard for "Chicago Med" showing Milena Govich as the episode's director.

On the set of primetime medical drama “Chicago Med,” UCO College of Fine Arts and Design alumna Milena Govich pressed pause on a busy week of directing her first network television episode to send an update to her alma mater.

Upon graduating from the University of Central Oklahoma in 1999 with degrees in Vocal Performance and Pre-Medicine . . .  read more