Break from Business: Tyner’s Donkeys

By Lee Tyner, Ed.D., Professor of Management

I’m happy to introduce the “ladies,” aka Big Rock “Candy” Mountain, Super “Cuddles” and Tired Ol’ “Mama.” Some of you may have seen them on a KFOR news story a few years ago. The sheriff’s department confiscated them and many other equines due to extreme neglect and abuse. After a few months of R & R, they came to our forever home and are thriving.

Publication Announcements – February 2021

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“Cost Savings in Areas with Unproven Reserves: Risk = Reward in Big Oil” - International Association for Energy Economics - Energy Forum By William (Blake) Sutton and Zhen Zhu, Ph.D.

“Dynamic Carbon DioxideTaxation with Revenue Recycling” - Journal of Cleaner Production By Travis Roach, Ph.D.

“Flexible Work Arrangements: A Human Resource Development Tool to Reduce Turnover” - Advances in Developing Human Resources By Marvin Bontrager, Ph.D., Suzanne Clinton, D.B.A., and Lee Tyner, Ed.D.

“Leverage Target and Payout Policy” - The Journal of Financial Research By Sharier Azim Khan, Ph.D.

“Natural Gas Price, Market Fundamentals and Hedging Effectiveness” - The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance By Zhen Zhu, Ph.D.

“The Effect of Online Search Volume on Financial Performance: Marketing Insight from Google Trends Date of the Top Five US Technology Firms” - Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice By Wenkai Zhou, Ph.D.

"Will a Green Color and Nature Images Make Consumers Pay More for a Green Product?" - Journal of Consumer Marketing* By Manoshi Samaraweera, Ph.D., Jeanetta Sims, Ph.D., and Dini Homsey, Ph.D.