Break from Business: The Odyssey

Photo of Dr. Saheli Nath with her husband and daughter at the Grand Canyon.

By Saheli Nath, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Management

I love to travel and for those of us who do so, perhaps we can identify with the familiar itch for the odyssey that comes with being a member of the club of hodophiles, from the Greek word “hodos”, or journey, and “philia,” meaning affection (does that perhaps sound like an affliction . . .  read more

Break from Business: 5, 6, 7, 8…

By Chase Harmon, Business Graduate Advisor

I personally began my cheerleading career in 2009 at Northwestern Oklahoma State University. I then continued at Oklahoma State University from 2011-2015, where I earned my undergraduate and graduate degrees. Along with offering eight years of cheerleading experience and nine years of coaching experience, . . .  read more

Break from Business: “Chicken Mom”

By Missy Graham, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Marketing

Last spring, I took on a title I never thought I would have, “chicken mom.” To be honest, it isn’t even a title or job I wanted. But, after several weeks at home because of the pandemic my husband finally convinced me we should get chickens. Getting chickens is something we had talked . . .  read more

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

By Niccole Miller, Ph.D., MBA, Director of Student Success and Retention

Originally from League City, Texas, Clayton Matthew Petty (“Matt”) was not interested in attending college while in high school. As he neared high school graduation, his career counselor encouraged him to figure out what he wanted to do with his life. Petty decided to join . . .  read more

Professional Sales Wall of Fame

Bob Kaiser, chairman of the Professional Sales Program at Central, recently created a Wall of Fame in Suite 100 in the College of Business to recognize professional sales students who have excelled in national sales competitions. In addition, the Wall of Fame was created to inspire current students to strive for excellence in the Professional Sales . . .  read more

Break from Business: Tyner’s Donkeys

By Lee Tyner, Ed.D., Professor of Management

I’m happy to introduce the “ladies,” aka Big Rock “Candy” Mountain, Super “Cuddles” and Tired Ol’ “Mama.” Some of you may have seen them on a KFOR news story a few years ago. The sheriff’s department confiscated them and many other equines due to extreme neglect and abuse. After a few months of R & R, they came to our forever home and are thriving.

Publication Announcements – February 2021

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“Cost Savings in Areas with Unproven Reserves: Risk = Reward in Big Oil” - International Association for Energy Economics - Energy Forum By William (Blake) Sutton and Zhen Zhu, Ph.D.

“Dynamic Carbon DioxideTaxation with Revenue Recycling” - Journal of Cleaner Production By Travis Roach, Ph.D.

“Flexible Work Arrangements: A Human Resource Development Tool to Reduce Turnover” - Advances in Developing Human Resources By Marvin Bontrager, Ph.D., Suzanne Clinton, D.B.A., and Lee Tyner, Ed.D.

“Leverage Target and Payout Policy” - The Journal of Financial Research By Sharier Azim Khan, Ph.D.

“Natural Gas Price, Market Fundamentals and Hedging Effectiveness” - The Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance By Zhen Zhu, Ph.D.

“The Effect of Online Search Volume on Financial Performance: Marketing Insight from Google Trends Date of the Top Five US Technology Firms” - Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice By Wenkai Zhou, Ph.D.

"Will a Green Color and Nature Images Make Consumers Pay More for a Green Product?" - Journal of Consumer Marketing* By Manoshi Samaraweera, Ph.D., Jeanetta Sims, Ph.D., and Dini Homsey, Ph.D.