Generational Differences in the Workplace

Open office with workstations and employees working

Complaining about younger generations has been popular for thousands of years. In the fifth century BC, Socrates famously griped about children loving luxury, having bad manners and showing contempt for authority.

Generational friction often shows up in the workplace, and many people are aware of the stereotypes: Baby Boomers complain about millennials’ lack of professionalism. Millennials criticize Gen Xers’ insistence on emailing everything. Gen Xers wish Millennials would get off their smartphones during work. . . .  read more

9 Ways to Increase Employee Productivity

Disengaged employee checking his phone at work.

Disengaged employees are unproductive employees. From entry-level positions to top executives, a lack of connection to the organization and its mission can mean a loss of profits.

In fact, a recent study from McClean and Co. estimates a disengaged employee costs an organization roughly $3,400 for every $10,000 in salary. A Gallup study found disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 billion to $550 billion in lost productivity per year. . . .  read more