Senate Midterms Officially Over!

With Georgia’s runoff election ending with a victory for Senator Raphael Warnock (AP, 2022), the midterm Senate elections are officially done. Official results show an even split between political parties, with 49 Democratic Senators, 49 GOP Senators, and 2 independent Senators elected.

The House midterms are still ongoing, with votes being . . .  read more

Oklahoma Voting Updates

Voter registration statistics for November 2022 and previous months are now available on the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website here.

In addition, absentee ballots for the January 10th election are now available on the Ok Voter Portal. 18 counties are having election on the day, and you can find the election list here.

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Post-Election Audits of the Oklahoma Elections

Secretary of the Sate Election Board Paul Ziriax has announced that the county election boards will conduct post-election audits of the November 8 General Election and August 28 Runoff Primary today, Tuesday, November 29th and Wednesday, November 30th. These audits are open to the public. To learn about the time and location of audits to attend them, . . .  read more

Issues Affecting Oklahoma

Materials from the Oklahoma Census show that although the poverty rate in Oklahoma has declined over the last ten years we still lag behind the national poverty rate, with an estimated 1 in 10 Oklahomans currently living in poverty. To learn more about this issue, possible solutions, and how the pandemic has affected the implementation of solutions, . . .  read more

Evaluating Media Bias

Media bias and reliability have become major concerns for people today, and it can be difficult to verify whether or not the news we read is colored by bias or inaccuracies. Fortunately, the Ad Fontes Media group has examined many of the most well known news sources and ranked them in terms of their factual accuracy and bias, creating an interactive . . .  read more

Voting Day!

It’s voting day today!

Polls will be open across the state until 7:00 pm tonight. To find your polling place, sample ballots, and see the status of your ballot, you can visit the Oklahoma State Election Board’s OK Voter Portal. Please note a valid proof of identity is required in order to vote.

For more information, please contact your . . .  read more

Early Voting Begins Today!

Early voting has begun today across Oklahoma. Early voting locations will be open Wednesday, November 2 through Friday, November 4 from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, and on Saturday November 5 from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Early voting locations are not the same as polling places. A list of  . . .  read more

Civic Engagement Opportunity

The National Civic League is hosting a webinar next week on Tuesday, October 25 at 5 pm ET (4 pm CT) titled Creating a Civic Learning Environment. In this webinar, people will hear from a group of elementary teachers who are teaching the skills of deliberative democracy to their students. Speakers will also discuss five important skills necessary . . .  read more

Political Internship Opportunity

For students looking to get involved in the political sphere, the office of senator James Lankford is currently looking for spring interns. For information on this opportunity, please visit their website at