Changing the Guard

2020, was a difficult time for most of us attending college. In the chaos of the last year, we saw several staff members who moved beyond STRIPES VUB. We know they will always continue the important work that we do in one way or another.

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Othello Cultural History.

Hey, guys! Today we’re going to talk about the play, Othello, and the cultural history behind this work. 

Since the beginning of time, the black experience has been complex and hard to look back on. 

Whether Shakespeare knew it or not, Othello became part of the black community’s culture the moment he wrote . . .  read more

The Winter’s Tale : Seasons

In The Winter’s Tale, there’s an importance put on the idea of seasons and how they represent the things happening in the play as well as how the people in the settings during the time of the seasons. A prime example of this can be seen in how the play is set up in the acts and scenes.

To begin, In the second Act we are given a definitive . . .  read more