Across Embroiders: Melton Gallery Exhibit Explores Nontraditional Embroidery

a rug made of red dirt covers the floor

When you think of embroidery, you might picture quaint tea towels, stitched with inspirational quotes, surrounded by bouquets of flowers, or a cherished baby blanket, lovingly sewn by a doting grandmother. However, “Poetic Embroidery,” the current show at Central’s Melton Gallery hopes to challenge that notion, showcasing what embroidery means in an entirely different light. . . .  read more

The Design of a Dreamer

Uprooting your life to move to another country is imaginably difficult for a 17-year-old from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and yet, for Victor Acosta, a University of Central Oklahoma alumnus, this became his reality.

On his 17th birthday, Acosta moved from Mexico to the United States with his family, in the hope of finding a better life. But as he began looking for universities, after graduating from Santa Fe South Charter High School in Oklahoma City, he quickly realized the hard path he had ahead of him. Acosta was not eligible for financial aid or state help, so paying for college would fall solely on his shoulders. . . .  read more

Central Is Where The Heart Is

A man proposing to a woman in front of Old North.

It’s a tale as old as time – older than Old North even. We’re talking about love, people.

With a history dating back to 1890, Central is no stranger to love, but what does modern-day love look like on our campus?

In an effort to discover the different stages of love at UCO, we got to know three Central couples who have weaved the bronze and blue into their “I do.” . . .  read more

A Letter to Central’s Recent Graduates

As UCO grads settle into life post-graduation, Nathan Box, a Central alumnus (Broadcast Communications, ’07) penned a letter* to these new alumni on his own blog, offering sage advice for the future:

According to social media, another 1,000+ graduates turned their tassels at the University of Central Oklahoma. 10 years ago, I sat where they sat. As I listened to the names of my fellow graduates being read and watched as each accepted their degree, my mind was elsewhere. As soon as I walked off that basketball court, everything would be different. What was expected of me would change. My contributions would need to change. Responsibilities would shift fully in my direction. This life would become fully mine for the taking. The direction I had to choose was mine and mine alone. Happiness, success, contentment, and joy would be up to me. It all felt overwhelming. It was enough to make me want to get up walk out and pretend it never happened. Unfortunately, that simple act wouldn’t change facts. Turning my tassel and walking away from UCO would change everything.  . . .  read more