Feature Story: Benefits Welcomes Back CVS Caremark in 2021

Written by Katie Saylor, Senior Benefits Specialist

Cheers to a new year and new benefits! As the benefits team has already shouted from the rooftops, the university will join CVS Caremark for all things prescription drugs in 2021. That means that our old favorites, CVS and CVS Target, will return to UCO’s network for our plans, but still provide faculty and staff members the opportunities to go . . .  read more

Get to Know a Broncho: Michael Martin

Michael Martin, Director of IT Client Experience and Technology Resource Center

What is your background?

I attended Mid-America Christian University and East Central University. I received a bachelor’s degree in management information systems and a master’s degree in human resource administration. I have been serving in higher education for eighteen years. I am married and have two sons. In 1992, I recorded and performed a single for a feature film, . . .  read more

Broncho Brags

Let’s hear it for the Undergraduate Advisement Team!

This team spent countless hours this last summer helping incoming freshman through the Forge process and getting enrolled. They tackled August peak season with an amazing team spirit. They served over 3,100 students in the month of August alone. They have continued day in and day out with not much rest in-between. When you ask them why they do what . . .  read more

The Psychology of Retirement and the Role of the Emeritus Faculty Association, Dec. 10

Katie Saylor, Senior Benefits Specialist  

Interested in getting a leg up on retirement—even if it’s a few years away? Join the Emeritus Faculty Association (EFA), the Benefits team and Jerry Legere, EFA liaison to UCO’s Faculty and Staff Senates, as he discusses The Psychology of Retirement and Role of the Emeritus Faculty Association at 11 a.m., Thursday, Dec. 10, via . . .  read more

2020 Performance Appraisals

Syndey Wood, Employee Relations Specialist

As we look forward to 2021, it’s time for us to reflect on the challenges we’ve faced and our achievements over this past year. Performance appraisals provide a structured format to do so that helps individuals evaluate where they’re at and articulate where they want to go.

Performance appraisals continue . . .  read more

Unconscious Bias in Recruiting

Paige Buchanan, Recruitment Specialist

Over the past few months we’ve reviewed several forms of unconscious bias in recruiting: Affinity bias, Ageism, Attribution bias, Confirmation Bias, Conformity Bias, and The Halo Effect. These biases occur when we make snap judgements based on readily available information which can lead to a negative impact on our inclusive recruiting efforts. This . . .  read more

Faculty Senate Update

Kristi Archuleta, Associate Professor, Adult Education and Safety Sciences

The UCO Faculty Senate holds meetings the second Thursday of each month, which has been Sept. 10, Oct. 8, and Nov. 12, this fall. The primary focus of this last meeting was a presentation by the interim Provost’s Charlotte Simmons and Gary Steward. 

The Faculty Senate will meet next Thursday, Dec. 10 via Zoom. To join this meeting please send . . .  read more