Monday Schedule 7/22/18

Monday Schedule

930-10 Drills

10-12    237 Beginning Debate- structure and content (Shae)

118 2AC argument answers (Chris)

12-130 Lunch

130        118 All- Impact Framing/Flowing (All)

5- Dinner

630-      237 Beginning Debate- Stock Issues/Off case (Matt)

118 Disadvantage Debating (Courtney)

Sunday Schedule

Sunday Schedule

9AM- Round 4

1030AM- Brunch

1130- Finals – all students to attend

1PM- Awards

130PM- Camp Dismissed- Please be here by 130 if you are picking up your students.

Friday, July 28 Schedule

9AM- Go directly to your lab room. Pairings for the tournament released

1130AM- Lunch

1PM Round 1

245 PM  Round 2

430 PM Dinner

6 PM Round 3

After Round 3, return to your lab room until 8PM dismissal.

Tuesday Schedule

Tuesday, July 24 Schedule
9AM-1130AM- Lecture Lib Arts 213 Topicality and Theory with Courtney Schauer
1130AM-1PM- Lunch
1PM-430PM- Labs
430PM-6PM- Dinner Break
6PM-8PM- Labs

Schedule for Sunday, July 23

Sunday- July 23.
12-130 PM Registration and Dorm check in for students staying on campus (Commons Clubhouse)
245-330 PM Registration and check in for Commuter Students (Liberal Arts Building).
345PM- Camp Orientation Lecture (Liberal Arts Building 213)
415PM- Topic Lecture (Liberal Arts Building 213)
545PM- Dinner (Provided-Liberal . . .  read more