by: Aaron Parker

Many times we go through each day not stretching like we should because either we forget to after a hard workout, or we make it up in our minds that we do not have enough time in a day to get the proper stretching we need. However, with the appropriate time management, we can find creative ways to fit stretching in to our busy days. . . .  read more

Getting a Good Night’s Sleep

Americans sleep on average five to six hours per night. The average American today works long hours; lack of sleep can be harmful to the body resulting in high levels of stress. Lack of sleep can lead to, or continue to, produce side effects common with sleeping disorders. Under most circumstances, inadequate sleep can lead to headaches, dizziness, . . .  read more

Outdoor Rock Climbing: Getting Fit Can Be Fun

by: Evan Small

When you think of exercise it’s easy to imagine racks of weights, tight spaces and treadmills galore. The grunting sounds of those around you and the always-occupied equipment are encouragement to take the workout elsewhere…to the couch. Your only hope of staying at the gym is the non-existent chance that the next song on your iPod . . .  read more

High Intensity Interval Training

by: Kyna Lewis

It can be hard to find time to meet the 30-60 minute per day requirement for aerobic exercise. What if I told you there could be a more effective and time efficient route to burn fat? High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a form of cardiovascular exercise that involves high intensity bouts of exercise such as sprints, with rest . . .  read more

Time and Place for Everything, Rest is Key!

by: Samuel Jenkins

Resistance training or working out with weights may conjure up images of nonstop effort and sweat. This can be true, but a proper training session and program should also look to rest your body and help optimize the actual work done. This will help ensure proper technique, safety, and continued progress overtime. Rest comes in many . . .  read more

Lifting Weights Teaches Life Skills

by: Lauren Clonts

There are so many productive things that you can do during your breaks that you have throughout the day other than play Candy Crush, scroll on your Facebook for 30-45 minutes or take a nap on your lunch break. There is one thing that you can do that can totally improve your quality of life in multiple different aspects without you . . .  read more

Staying Fit on Vacation

by: Shelby Winrow

With summer just around the corner, many people are going to start traveling soon. It can be hard to stay fit while you’re enjoying a vacation. There can be a many temptations, but there are ways to fight them off.  If you work out on a regular basis, don’t let travel get you off track. There are many innovative and easy ways . . .  read more

Benefits of Walking

by: Taylor Mogg

For most people it’s hard to get started on being fit. Being fit doesn’t just mean being in the gym for hours at a time. Unfortunately, that’s not for a lot of people. Luckily, physical activity doesn’t have to be complicated. There are so many health benefits for just walking. The temperature is finally starting to get bearable . . .  read more

Jump Around

By: Ashton Smith

When I think about jump roping, I think about how much I loved it as a child. Now as an adult, my outlook towards it couldn’t be any different. I remember always playing at recess jumping to double dutch or in P.E. class participating in Jump Rope for Heart. I keep asking myself, where did my passion for jump roping go? I am a very . . .  read more

Reasons To Throw Your Scale Away

By: Lauren Clonts

While going through the Employee Wellness Program have you realized that your clothes are fitting a little looser and you feel like your slimming down, but when you step on the scale to see how much weight you have lost you are disappointed? You believe you should be losing all of this weight, but instead it hasn’t moved hardly . . .  read more