Watch(a) Waiting For?

By: Torie Shanbour

Are you one of the millions of people who have trouble maintaining weight? Or maybe even losing those extra pounds gained during quarantine?




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How it shows A screen A screen A screen Vibrates when you hit goal

The world that we live in has many temptations to the eye which makes it harder for us to lose that unwanted weight. Obesity in America has increased over the past six years significantly by . . .  read more

Exercise for Your Mental Health

Mental Health Benefits of Exercise

We all know that exercise is great for our physical health, but have you ever wondered if it good for our mental health? The answer is yes. Exercise does help us lose weight, look better, and feel stronger, but these are not the only things that exercise can do for us though. People tend to find out that as they . . .  read more

DOMS and How to Prevent it

By: Andrew Rangel

What is DOMS?

Have you ever wondered why you are feeling really sore a day or two after a workout? What you are experiencing is most likely DOMS or delayed onset muscles soreness. DOMS is not experienced during a workout and could occur between 12 and 24 hours post workout (Ingraham). Those who have trained at a high intensity or . . .  read more

4 Tips to Help You Get Up and Out the Door and to the Gym in the Mornings

by: Madison Webb, Joshua Holliday, Roxana Gonzales, Alex Buelow, Britney Baker, Victoria Lilly, & Elyse Sicher

Tip #1 Be Prepared

Preparation is the key to successfully making it out of the door and to an early workout. The night before go ahead and lay out all of the stuff . . .  read more

Can exercise help you perform better at school and work?

By: Danyelle Dyer

Everyone knows that exercise can help improve your physical fitness and performance but did you know that exercise can also improve your mental performance at work and in the classroom. Exercise can do much more for your body then make you look good. It can also make you feel good.


Being active can help improve:

 . . .  read more