Improving Your Mood While Listening to Tunes

By: Savannah Cloud

Working out is not always fun and sometimes people struggle with the motivation to even do it. There are so many reasons why people decide to make a change in their lives and start working out. Some are wanting to become healthier and more active, some are trying to lose weight and gain muscle and others want to because it is fun . . .  read more

Exercising and the Impacts It Has on Our Brain

by: Reagan Crichton

There are a lot of valid reasons behind why someone should exercise. There are also a lot of reasons behind why each person decides to start their journey. For the most part, people don’t usually think about the internal benefits they get from exercising unless their doctor informs them of it, people usually think about the long . . .  read more

Physical Activity & The Improvements on Mental Health

Physical Activity & The Improvements on Mental Health

by: Emily Lopez

Mental health has a lot to do with the way we think, feel, and act in our everyday lives. Because of this it is important to maintain a good state of mind so that it does not affect our well-being. Performing any type of physical activity is known to show improvements on mental . . .  read more

Stretching Prior to Exercise: Yes or No?

by: Chidi Onwuka, Undergraduate Student

Static stretches prior to a workout are good for performance.  To stretch before exercise actually loosens muscles that are being engaged and promotes faster muscle response during a workout.  Stretching before exercising may reduce the risk of injury.  These are all examples of exercise myths that have been . . .  read more

Benefits of Stretching

by: Cierra Bennett

There are many elements that are very important to practice when trying to live a healthy and fit lifestyle, but the most important thing is stretching! Stretching has many benefits for everyone, young and old and should be a part of everyone’s daily routine, even if they aren’t planning to exercise. Have you ever wondered why . . .  read more


by: Fatima Ramirez

Take a moment to think: When was the first time you saw a Dance Dance Revolution Machine? At the mall? At your local arcade? Somewhere in a movie? Maybe you know someone that owned the game, or you had a similar one called the “Power Pad” for your Nintendo Entertainment System. What if I told you that plastic mat or that bulky . . .  read more

Bootcamp Vibes Only

By: Landry Willis

Want to complete a high intensity workout but have only a short amount of time? A bootcamp class is the answer you have been searching for! Bootcamps are a great full body workout and often only take up thirty minutes to an hour to complete. They typically consist of a wide range of exercise styles, such as aerobic, strength training, . . .  read more

H.I.I.T. The Gym

by: Malia Kaaiohelo

Do you find yourself not having enough time to work out? Does the goal of losing weight and getting in shape feel unattainable? Are you looking for some intense workout other than running or weightlifting? What if I told you there was a type of training that you can do in a 30-minute window that offers you benefits like decreased . . .  read more

It’s Cycle-O-Clock Somewhere

Want to do an exercise that can customize to your fitness level? Have you ever tried an indoor cycling class or wanted to? Indoor cycling is a great way to get active and stay in shape.

Indoor cycling can help burn fat and strengthen muscle while being in the comfort of the inside away from the elements. Indoor cycling is a low impact stationary exercise . . .  read more

YOGA-T This!

By: Fatima Ramirez

Do you enjoy having a great stretch when you wake up? How about before you play sports or after you had a long day? Or even before and/or after a workout? Stretching is exceptionally good for the body and can help with flexibility of the muscles. But have you thought about doing stretches for exercise? How about Yoga?


Yoga . . .  read more