Book Clubs and Workshops, Spring 2021

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Twenty-eight UCO faculty submitted applications for 21CPI events. All submissions include why the event leads to teaching effectiveness. Participants submit an artifact incorporating learning from the event, as well as write a critical reflection. This spring, facilitators originate from every UCO college (i.e., chemistry, . . .  read more

Principles of Learning from New Faculty Orientation 2020

The following was presented at the virtual New Faculty Orientation at UCO for the Fall 2020 semester, by Dr. Jody Horn — 

Brain-Based Principles of Learning:

  1. Malleable; Changed by Experience
  2. Connects New Information to Old
  3. Unique and Uniquely Organized
  4. Not Equal, because context and ability influence learning

Other important concepts to consider for effective teaching:

  • Active Retrieval: More mental effort, but long-term memory increases when repeatedly retrieving information
  • Aligning/Authentic Assessment: What students are assessed over should be what they are learning which should match the learning activities
  • Clear Learning Goals: Students who know where they are “going” in class are more likely to be successful
  • Encoding: Learners must encode information into their longer-term memory
  • Feedback: Students must receive timely feedback on their performance to help them encode and learn
  • Metacognition: Students learn through reflecting, and they learn how to learn by reflecting on how they learn! This will lead to them becoming lifelong learners.

The fact that learning is malleable is significant because that means it can be impacted by students’ practice. To take . . .  read more

Selected Professional Development Resources about Social Injustice for Faculty and Staff

Front cover of the book Deconstructing Privilege: Teaching and Learning as Allies in the Classroom, by Kim Case

Addressing Racial and Social Injustice

In times that underscore the ongoing need to not just denounce racism but to be anti-racist, CETTL, 21CPI, STLR, and ELA commit to more than simply continuing what we do now…We further commit to accepting the challenge that we, UCO, and the nation must meet to bring justice and equity to our campus and our society for all Black people and People . . .  read more

Anti-racist Pedagogy Reading List 2020

In part compiled by Andrea Aebersold, Ph. D – University of California, Irvine — 

Akamine Phillips, Jennifer; Risdon, Nate; Lamsma, Matthew; Hambrick, Angelica; & Jun, Alexander (2019). Barriers and strategies by white faculty who incorporate antiracist pedagogy. Race and Pedagogy Journal: Teaching and Learning for Justice, 3(2).

Alexander, . . .  read more

Writing Learning Objectives – A challenge from an unworkshop

photo of 2 faculty talking at the UCO 2021 Collegium

An Unworkshop is a space where faculty informally come together to offer feedback and discuss among others faculty pedagogical challenges. Faculty are encouraged to submit a challenge as well as comment on another. Writing in any way on three separate challenges or responses is equal to meeting one faculty learning outcome (FLO) in UCO’s . . .  read more

Dynamic Lecturing – Seven Online Lecture Enhancement Strategies

Photo of Christine Harrington

Dr. Christine Harrington, one of the keynote speakers at the Sept. 7th and 8th, 2020 Collegium and co-author of the notable book on Dynamic Lecturing, has summarized helpful techniques for Dynamic Lecturing in Synchronous Online Lectures.

Technology tools such as Zoom make it easy for faculty to conduct live teaching sessions in an online environment.  . . .  read more

Seven Steps for Decoding Student Misunderstandings

Dr. Jody Horn

David Pace and Joan Middendorf created a model for decoding the disciplines as a method for faculty to uncover the ways students think and learn in various disciplines. Following their seven step process allows faculty members to understand the role they play in students’ misunderstandings of course content.

Did you ever wonder why students don’t . . .  read more

Building Teacher-Scholar Communities out of Silos

Written by Kristi Archuleta, Ed.D., Adult Education & Safety Sciences; Jody Horn, Ph.D., Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching & Learning —

Epiphany is a common word in the world of teaching and learning.  When faculty attend book discussions or workshops on various aspects of teaching and learning, over time lightbulbs start . . .  read more

Critical Reflection for University Teachers

Dr. Jody Horn

The UCO Center for Excellence in Transformative Teaching and Learning (CETTL) distributes a hard bound, blank journal to each faculty member that participates in a CETTL faculty development event. We encourage faculty to write critical reflections and ideas about good teaching during CETTL activities, then discuss them with each other.

Here are a . . .  read more