Post-Thanksgiving Break Pro-Rated Credit Details

Due to the recently announced changes to the fall 2020 semester, Housing & Residential Engagement understands there are questions about living in residence halls after Thanksgiving Break. We want to reassure students they do not have to move out of their residence hall when the campus moves to alternative instruction for the final two weeks of . . .  read more

To Our UCO Housing Community

Thank you for the honesty and courage many of you have shown in sharing your perspectives and experiences involving questions of diversity and inclusion in our Housing community. Words and actions that do not support diversity and inclusion, nor the university’s values of Character, Community and Civility, will not be tolerated in our community. . . .  read more

How to succeed while studying at home

It’s all over the news, social media, and everywhere in-between: social distancing. Yes, this does mean that businesses that are usually open have closed their doors temporarily, universities have moved online, and toilet paper is now a rare commodity. What does this mean for studying? Old habits die hard, and a lot . . .  read more