Transformative Learning

How do you learn best? Do you learn by someone telling you how? Or do you learn by doing? If you learn best by doing, practicing, asking, discovering and finding, you will love the Transformative Learning Teaching philosophy at the University of Central Oklahoma. It is so excellent, that the United States Government gave UCO over 8 million dollars to make it the best in the world.

Finding Your Balance – Telework Tips

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With the recent transition to a Virtual Campus many faculty and staff have transitioned to telework.

Adjusting to a non-traditional work and learning environment can be a challenge.

To assist in the transition into telework, some tips and recommendations are provided to make the move efficient and effective.[anchor id=”top” ]

Welcome High School Faculty

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For the upcoming 2020 Transformative Learning Conference (April 9-10) in OKC, we highly encourage teachers in secondary education to register and participate by submitting proposals for sessions or posters.

STEEM topics include Science, Technology, Engineering, Environmental Sustainability, and Mathematics with corresponding subject-specific focus . . .  read more

Session Proposal Deadline

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The clock is ticking! Only one day left to submit Session Proposals for the upcoming 2020 Transformative Learning Conference (April 9-10, 2020) in OKC. This year’s theme is “Foundations and Frontiers: Exploring, Embracing and Advancing Transformative Learning.” Session Proposal submissions are due in tomorrow – Friday, November 22 by . . .  read more