Opportunities for Students

ADP Student Organization

If you are interested in learning more about civic engagement and would like to get involved in fantastic projects, events on campus, or if you are interested in leadership opportunities please join the student ADP organization. Email adp@uco.edu for more information.

Generation Citizen

Generation Citizen is a great program for UCO students to get involved in their community through teaching younger students (age middle school to high school) about civic engagement. More specifically, it is a nonprofit organization that teaches Oklahoma students how to affect change and solve problems in their community. It is designed such that volunteers, UCO and other college students, become Democracy Coaches who go to a classroom twice a week for a 50 min period to teach the generation citizen program to students in middle school or high school. The program guides students on how to solve problems in their community. Democracy Coaches help students to define what their community is, define the problems faced in their community, and then to create a program to change or fix a problem that the students choose to fix. More details about this project can be found at generationcitizen.org.