Oklahoma State Election Board July 13th Press Release

The Oklahoma State Election Board held a press release yesterday confirming the outcome of recount elections held for the Oklahoma County District Attorney, District 7 Republican Primary, McIntosh County Commissioner, District 3 Democratic Primary, and Nowata County Assessor Republican Primary.

Recounts in McIntosh county and Nowata county matched the initial election results exactly, and recounts in Oklahoma county confirmed prior election results with only six changes made out of nearly 58,000 ballots turned in. The changes made were for Robert W. Gray (+2), Gayland Gieger (+2), and Kevin Calvey (+2).

Secretary of the State Election Board Paul Ziriax spoke on the recounts, calling them the “latest proof that Oklahoma’s eScan voting devices accurately tabulate ballots.” Ziriax hopes that the recounts will help to increase trust in Oklahoma’s elections in the face of the misinformation claims that election officials have been hearing since 2020.

For the full press release, visit the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website here. Results for the June 28th primary can also be found on the Election Board website.