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2020 Census Jobs

Students! It’s not too late to apply for a Census job. Being a Census worker is a great opportunity to add something unique to your CV and make a little money in the process. To read about different positions that you can apply for, please visit the Job Details page on the 2020 Census site. To apply, visit the How to Apply page.

TOMORROW 7am-7pm : Presidential Preferential Primary Election/Special Election

Reminders and tips from the Oklahoma Election Board

“(Oklahoma City) –The State Election Board and Secretary Paul Ziriax offer these tips and reminders for Oklahoma voters before they head to the polls for the March 3 Presidential Preferential Primary.


Polls are open statewide from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day. Lines at the polls are longest before work, during the lunch hour and after work. Voters can save time by voting during “off-peak” hours – usually from 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


Both the Republican and Democratic parties will have a primary election. Fourteen candidates will appear on the Democratic primary ballot and six candidates will appear on the Republican ballot. No Libertarian candidates filed; therefore, there will not be a Libertarian primary.

Presidential candidates who have “dropped out of the race” or “suspended their campaigns,” but did not formally withdraw by the state-mandated deadline (December 6, 2020), will still appear on the ballot. Votes for these candidates will be tallied and recorded in accordance with regular election procedures.


Some voters will have non-partisan issues on the ballot. Voters who are not eligible to vote in a primary election may still be able to vote on other issues. The State Election Board recommends viewing a sample ballot before heading to the polls. Sample ballots are specific to each voter and are available through the OK Voter Portal at


Study your ballot before going to the polls. View your sample ballot using the election board’s OK Voter Portal at You can also use the portal to find your polling place location.


Oklahoma has a closed primary system. In order to vote in a party’s primary, you must be a registered voter of that party. However, the law allows recognized parties to open its primaries to Independents by notifying the State Election Board. The Democratic Party is allowing Independents to vote in its primaries in 2020 and 2021. The Republican and Libertarian primaries will remain closed.


Oklahoma law requires every voter to show proof of identity before receiving a ballot. There are three ways to show proof of identity:

  1. A valid photo ID issued by the federal, state, or tribal government, such as a driver’s license, military ID, or passport; or
  2. A Voter ID card, which is issued to every voter by their County Election Board; or
  3. A signed affidavit, along with a provisional ballot. (If the information on the affidavit matches official voter registration records, the ballot will be counted after Election Day.)

Voters with questions should contact their County Election Board or visit the State Election Board’s website at”

Presidential Primary Election reminder

The deadline to request an absentee ballot is Wednesday, February 26th at 5pm. You can apply for an absentee ballot on the Oklahoma State Election Board’s website. Early voting will be held Thursday, February 27th and Friday, February 28th from 8am – 6pm and Saturday, February 29th 9am – 2pm. Early voting is conducted at the county election board of the county that you are registered in.

The Tenth Democratic Debate

Tonight’s debate will run from 8pm to 10:30pm Eastern Time (7pm to 9:30pm Central Time). You can watch the debates live on CBS, BET, and Twitter. Tune in to the debates to learn more about the Democratic presidential candidates.

STARTING TONIGHT – The Ninth Democratic Debate

Tonight’s debate will run from 9pm to 11pm Eastern Time (8pm to 10pm Central Time). You can watch the debates live on NBC and MSNBC . Tune in to the debates to learn more about the Democratic presidential candidates.

Verify Your Registration – Last day to register Feb 7th for OK Presidential Primary

Be sure to verify your voter registration before it is too late to register for the Oklahoma Presidential Primary Election. You can verify your registration by clicking here.

The last day to register for the Oklahoma Presidential Primary is this coming Friday, Feb 7th. If you aren’t registered to vote and would like to register you can come by Thatcher 121C to pick up a voter registration form. If the office is closed, they are hanging just outside the door. Turn your form into your county election board or a tag agency that issues state ID’s and drivers licenses by Friday Feb 7th if you would like to vote in the Oklahoma Presidential Primary election. You can also mail your form in but it must be postmarked no later than February 7th.

Feb 7th Last Day to Register to Vote for Presidential Preferential Primary Election

February 7th is the last day to register to vote for the Presidential Preferential Primary Election. Be sure to re-register by February 7th if you have changed your name or address. You can re-register online if you moved to a new address but reside in the same county. If you moved to a new county you need to fill out a printed voter registration form. If you need voter registration forms come by the Center For Civic Engagement office in Thatcher 121C or go to your county election board office. Click here for more information about 2020 Oklahoma Elections.

Public Affairs Task Force Higher Education Day Capital Visit

This is a great opportunity for students to meet with their legislators. As representatives of UCO, students will discuss legislation impacting higher education and advocate for UCO. The wonderful people (staff and students alike) who work with the Public Affairs Task Force will adequately prepare you before you meet with your representatives so there is no need to feel nervous. Email for more information or to sign up. Be sure to include your first and last name and your registered voter address in the email so they can pair you with your personal legislators. If you are not a registered voter, that is fine; just be sure to let them know in the email. If you would like to become a registered voter, swing by the Center for Civic Engagement Office in Thatcher 121C to pick up a voter registration form. The current tentative time frame for this event is 7:30-3:30. After meeting at 7:30, students will load into a charter bus and head to the Oklahoma State Capitol. The Public Affairs Student Task Force will provide free Hideaway Pizza at the end of the day. You will also be provided a letter of participation. You must be signed up by February 3rd.

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2020 Voter Registration Statistics from the Oklahoma State Election Board

Here are a few interesting statistics provided by the Oklahoma State Election Board via email. To view the complete press release click here. Be sure to sign up for their email subscriptions if you want to get fun information like this or reminders for upcoming elections and meeting times for various committees and departments sent directly to your inbox. You can also follow the Oklahoma State Election Board on twitter and on facebook. For more information visit their website at and for more voter registration statistics visit their voter registration report page.

“Oklahoma’s registered voters:

                                        JAN. 15, 2020                                     JAN. 15, 2018

DEMOCRATS                 738,256….35.3%                                769,772….38.2%

REPUBLICANS              1,008,569….48.3%                             942,621….46.7%

LIBERTARIANS              11,171….less than 1%                        4,897….less than 1%

INDEPENDENTS            332,111….15.9%                                298,867….14.8%

TOTAL                              2,090,107                                           2,016,157


The State Election Board began recording statewide voter registration statistics by party in 1960.

YEAR                 DEM                    REP                  IND          OTHER

1960                   82.0%                 17.6%                0.4%        N/A

1980                   75.8%                 22.8%                1.4%        N/A

2000*                  56.7%                 35.0%                8.3%        *

2020*                  35.3%                 48.2%               15.8%       *

*Minor parties account for less than 1 percent of voters in Oklahoma.

View voter registration statistics at: Audio is available at:,%202020.mp3.

For more information contact Misha Mohr, Public Information Officer, Oklahoma State Election Board, (405) 522-6624 or”