What is Civic Engagement?

Civic engagement is a broad term and includes a spectrum of examples ranging from volunteerism and community service on one side of the spectrum to public policy and politics on the other side. As one of the Central Six components of Transformative Learning, civic engagement is central to the mission of the University of Central Oklahoma, educating the next generation of college students to serve as active, ethical and engaged citizens within their local communities, the nation and the world.

What is the American Democracy Project?

The American Democracy Project (ADP) is a network of more than 250 state colleges and universities focused on public higher education’s role in preparing the next generation of informed, engaged citizens for our democracy. ADP was established in 2003 as a nonpartisan initiative of AASCU in partnership with The New York Times.

The goal of the American Democracy Project is to produce college and university graduates who are equipped with the knowledge, skills, attitudes and experiences they need to be informed, engaged members of their communities.

Since its inception, ADP has organized 15 national and 18 regional meetings; a series of national  initiatives; a national assessment project; and hundreds of campus initiatives, including voter education and registration, curriculum revision projects, campus audits, special days of action and reflection, speaker series, and award programs.

  • Participants by State: More than 250 AASCU institutions are currently participating in ADP from 46 states plus the District of Columbia.
  • Program Partners: ADP is proud to work with a select set of civic engagement program partners who provide updates, guidance and thought leadership on an array of civic learning and democratic engagement issues.
  • Steering Committee: A steering committee comprised of faculty, staff, students and campus leadership provides ongoing guidance and support to the ADP network.

AASCU is a Washington-based higher education association of nearly 420 public colleges, universities and systems whose members share a learning and teaching-centered culture, a historic commitment to under-served student population, and a dedication to research and creativity that advances their regions’ economic progress and cultural development.