Register for a free NYTimes Academic Pass

Register on NYTimes.com with your school email address Or log in using your school e-mail address. After proceeding through these steps and responding to an e-mail verification of your eligibility, you will be able to claim a NYTimes.com Academic Pass. A NYTimes.com Academic Pass provides you with 24 hours of access to NYTimes.com and the NYTimes apps that you can renew whenever you want. The verification process is required only once during the semester or academic year.

Don’t know where to go to vote?

Don’t worry, ADP has you covered. Click here to find out where to vote, what your voting registration number is, as well as other valuable voting information.

Need Your Absentee Ballot Notarized?

MidFirst Bank provides notary service for free for absentee ballots for costumers and non-customers. It is located on the second floor of the Nigh University Center. They can also notarize other documents for free for costumers and for five dollars for non-customers.

Election deadlines and dates

Stay up to date on election dates and deadlines by following the Oklahoma Election Board twitter page or by signing up for notifications on the Oklahoma Election Board website.