Current Joys (Photo by Matthew James Wilson)

SUNDAY! Current Joys Brings Prolific Singer-Songwriter Nick Rattigan to ACM Performance Lab in Bricktown

Current Joys headlines a Nov. 18 tour stop at ACM@UCO Performance Lab, 329 E. Sheridan Ave., in Bricktown. Doors open at 7 p.m. Local acts Love Seats and The Lunar Laugh (acoustic) open. Tickets are $10, available at

Current Joys is the enigmatic solo project of 25-year-old Nevada-born singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Nicholas Rattigan. In addition to Surf Curse, his minimal two-piece band with Jacob Rubeck, Rattigan has been releasing a prolific catalog of heart-wrenching no-wave ballads via Bandcamp under a handful of names (including The Nicholas Project and Tele/Visions).

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Watch the full Audiotree Live sessions with Current Joys, recorded in April. It’s awesome:

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