Day: October 12, 2018

Adam + Kizzie Kick Off Curiosity Fest, Oct. 20 At Civic Center Music Hall

Oklahoma Humanities Council presents Curiosity Fest noon-9:30 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 20 at Civic Center Music Hall, 201 N. Walker Ave., in Oklahoma City.

This fun, lifelong learning opportunity features popular local husband-and-wife music act Adam & Kizzie (Adam Ledbetter is also a current faculty member at ACM@UCO) as they lead off 24 sessions featuring Oklahoma’s top humanities scholars sharing their fields of expertise in innovative and engaging ways.

Learn about a broad swatch of subjects such as race and social issues, comic books, the truth about the Electoral College, Harry Potter, The Game of Thrones, the intersection of politics and religion, social justice, pop culture and more.

The final session of the day is Jad Abumrad, founder of NPR’s Radiolab.

He presents his multimedia presentation “Gut-Churn,” which shows how curiosity, often manifesting as a gut-wrenching question, leads to creative solutions.

Food samples and a beer tasting add to the fun. For the complete program schedule visit

Tickets are $20-$100.