About Us



We, as faculty and staff of the University of Central Oklahoma, do affirm our unanimous belief in a commitment to the future of the University of Central Oklahoma and the Edmond Community. We further believe in the advancement of African American faculty, staff and students, and our full participation in the pursuit of the mission of the University. Therefore, to manifest our commitment to the well being of the University and the Edmond community, we hereby establish the University of Central Oklahoma African American Faculty and Staff Association. This Association shall hereafter be governed by the following constitution and bylaws and subsequent amendments thereto.


The African American Faculty and Staff Association’s mission is to serve as an advocate for educational equity and to assist in meeting the professional needs of its members. With an emphasis on African American students, the organization (in compliance with the University mission) shall promote and provide opportunities for networking among individuals and groups.  The AAFSA shall articulate mutual concerns and advocate educational opportunities in the interest of students, staff and faculty.


  • To address issues related to the recruitment of full-time African American faculty and staff, with particular emphasis on undergraduate programs.
  • To address issues of recruitment, retention and graduation of African American students.
  • To assist in promoting awareness of concerns, needs, and progress of African American students, faculty and staff to the University of Central Oklahoma’s administration and campus community.
  • To actively and proactively serve as advisors, mentors, and role models for students.
  • To promote and support programs, activities, and events that are designed to foster understanding and appreciation of cultural, ethnic and diversity issues in the University community.
  • To seek ways to provide input into the planning and implementation of both curricular and extracurricular offerings on campus, especially as these impact African American students.
  • To promote a learning environment that offers African American students the opportunity to achieve their highest educational goals.
  • To engage in appropriate fund raising activities to provide continuing support for multicultural programs; and scholarship opportunities.
  • To affiliate with other organizations that support the mission of this organization.