Membership is open to all faculty and staff who are interested in and supportive of the objectives of the African American Faculty Staff Association.  Any member may continue to be a member regardless of change of status within the University.

AAFSA is a non-profit organization geared toward providing opportunities for connections between UCO African American facuty, staff, students and others interested in supporting AAFSA’s mission.  Donations are needed to assist operating expenses, including the keynote address, general body meetings and social gatherings.

Twenty to Give $20

In November, 2009 AAFSA established an AAFSA General Fund to provide financial support for awarding scholarships and supporting the programs and activities of the Association.

At that time, we asked just a small, committed few members of AAFSA to make a monthly payroll contribution to AAFSA of $20 a month. Now the number of members who have participated and the value of our AAFSA General Fund have greatly increased! And, since that time we have funded an AAFSA Book Award scholarship for six years (2011 through 2017) AND one scholarship at the 2017 Black Male Summit.

We need your help to continue our work! It’s easy. Your donation is tax-deductible. And, you can give whatever amount you want $5 a month, $10 a month, or join those of us who are in the 20 to Give $20 a month club!

Give now to the AAFSA General Fund.