Menu 9.16

We are continuing on our cultural food tour, but moving to Japan this Thursday. Please join us to enjoy something new.

Spring Rolls with Hoisin Sauce          Shrimp  $3.25

Veggie $2.25

Musubi (see pic)                                 Single  $4.00

Double $8.00

Chocolate Chip Cookie                                . . .  read more

Menu 9.14

Tomato & Chickpea salad                       $3.75

Indian Fried Rice                  Veg            $4.25

Chicken      $5.25

Sooji Halway                        8oz             $2.00

16 oz           $4.00

A Phenomenology of Sadness in Shakespeare’s Hamlet


“To be or not to be” might be the most well-known quote of Hamlet describing the contemplation about existence. Just in few words, this quote shows the hesitation, the insecurity, and even the complexity in emotions of the one saying it, the prince of Denmark, Hamlet. Seen as the most psychological and even philosophical play of Shakespeare’s . . .  read more

Activating Prior Knowledge

As adult learners and veterans we have a framework of reference for life. It may seem easy to transfer the skills you learned in the military to civilian life problem solving but, how does this help us in the classroom?

Hamlet: Incel in the Making

Just kidding. Kind of.

I beg the reader to implore a modern concept to an amberized character by asking, was the Prince of Denmark a Nice Guy? Possibly dabbled in incel territory? What do all these words even mean? By speed running Feminism 101 via history as well as taking a close look at Hamlet’s dialogue towards his mom Mrs. Hamlet, and ex-girlfriend . . .  read more

To be or Not to be…

That is Hamlet’s famous question, and my question to you, dear reader, is whether you think Hamlet has lost his mind since the death of his father. 

Okay, I’ll backtrack. Most of us know Shakespeare, and most of us know that he wrote Hamlet, but not everyone will have had the privilege of reading Hamlet in high school. 

So, . . .  read more

Menu for Sep 9

Thank you for helping us start the year off great on Tuesday! We will be open again on Thursday and serving:

Pasta Salad

Biryani (Indian Rice dish) – You can choose vegetarian or chicken

Tres Leches Cake

Of course, we still have our Turkey Central sandwich, cheese panini (AKA grilled cheese) and brownies. We offer take-out or deliver on campus. . . .  read more