Week 13- David Castillo

David Castillo addressed consciousness, people-oriented leadership perspectives. Discuss the importance of championing for yourself, but also others and what themes stood out to you that you will be more intentional to develop.

Blackboard Ally

UCO is in the process of implementing Blackboard Ally.  Blackboard Ally integrates directly with UCO’s learning management system (Brightspace by D2L) to automatically check digital content for accessibility issues and generate alternative accessible formats using advanced machine learning algorithms. This system will also provide institution-wide . . .  read more

Esports at UCO

The Office of Information Technology is partnering with the Office of Finance & Operations to integrate UCO technology services into the new Esports gaming arena.  Technology integration includes network infrastructure, multimedia components, and gaming systems.  Learn more about this exciting university initiative from the Esport . . .  read more

New UCO Scholarship Portal

UCO Scholarship Portal

The Offices of Information Technology, Advancement, and Student Affairs have partnered together to implement a new UCO Scholarship Portal powered by NexGen Scholarship Manager.  The new portal allows students to search for available scholarships, complete an initial qualifying application and submit applications for all . . .  read more

Banner 9 Self-Service

In partnership with the Banner Leadership Team, the Office of Information Technology is implementing the latest version of Banner Self-Service (Version 9).  Banner Self-Service provides an easy way for students, faculty, and staff to view information stored in UCO’s student information system.  UCO provides access to Banner Self-Service through . . .  read more

Li Bo

Of all the Tang poets, Li Bo is considered to be one of the most important. His poetry is most famous for its prominent Daoist imagery, taking ordinary encounters with nature into something almost magical. Because of his originality in the way he describes his relationship with nature in his poetry, there are even legends that Li Bo died from drowning . . .  read more

Sei Shonagon, “The Pillow Book”

Sei Shonagon lived in an ear where men could have many women at their sides, all classified by hierarchy of importance to the Lord. She was a court woman who was well know among the her court and others for being a skilled writer and poet, even gaining the rivalry of others such as Murasaki Shikibu. While she may have written other note worthy pieces, . . .  read more