Across Embroiders: Melton Gallery Exhibit Explores Nontraditional Embroidery

a rug made of red dirt covers the floor

When you think of embroidery, you might picture quaint tea towels, stitched with inspirational quotes, surrounded by bouquets of flowers, or a cherished baby blanket, lovingly sewn by a doting grandmother. However, “Poetic Embroidery,” the current show at Central’s Melton Gallery hopes to challenge that notion, showcasing what embroidery means in an entirely different light. . . .  read more

Call for Papers Deadline Extended

Missed the Call for Papers deadline?

Now’s your chance to submit your abstract because the Colloquium team will extend the deadline for submissions to SEPTEMBER 30th.  

Paper proposals (250-word maximum, in French or English, along with brief biographical information) and proposals for complete panels (which are strongly encouraged) should be sent by email to this address: . . .  read more

Message from the Dean – September 17, 2018

First some good news:

CFAD and School of Music graduate Madeline Kidwell Romano was recently featured on Oklahoma’s News 4 “Pay it 4Ward” show. She was nominated by a coworker for her compassionate and outstanding work teaching music to students at Ida Freeman Elementary in Edmond. Romano is a 2017 graduate of Dr. Darla Eschelman’s Vocal Music Education program. Congratulations to both Maddie and Dr. Eschelman. . . .  read more

Week 3- Lessons in Leadership- 9/11 Day of Remembrance

During the 9/11 Day of Remembrance ceremony, Governor George Nigh discussed the notion “united we stand, divided we fall.” What do you want to stand for during your journey as a leader? Furthermore, how will you use that stance to intentionally create the America you aspire to, not only for yourselves, but for future generations?

ACM@UCO Executive Director to Speak Friday at Americana Fest in Nashville

Americana Music Association logo

ACM@UCO executive director Scott Booker will lead a “power brunch” presentation Friday during the 19th annual Americana Music Festival & Conference, which runs Tuesday through Sunday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Gathering thousands of artists, fans and industry professionals from around the world, the 2018 AmericanaFest features seminars, panels and networking opportunities in addition to more than 500 live performances at dozens of prominent Nashville venues over six days, all while celebrating the melting pot of Americana’s influences, including roots, folk, country, blues and soul-based music. . . .  read more

Message from the Dean – September 10, 2018

First some good news:

Onstage Blog recently placed UCO in the “Top 10 B.M. Musical Theater Programs 2018-19”. The blog cited the availability of scholarships and the fact that in 2018, the University of Central Oklahoma was identified as one of the Great Value Colleges for undergraduate music majors.

Now a story:

As the son of a contractor during the housing boom of the 1970’s, my family built, moved into and sold houses at a rapid clip. By my 19th birthday, my childhood CV included 18 addresses. We would live in an apartment while building a house, move into the new home, immediately put the house for sale, then move into another rental when the new house sold. These cycles of uprooting and re-rooting occurred among the black loam fields of the upper Midwest. I remember standing in the freshly dug basement of one of these homesites outside Hutchinson, Minnesota. The striated walls of earth loomed over my head; 6 feet of ruddy clay topped by jet-black dirt. The new Judson Woods subdivision was carved into a virgin section of near-boreal forest. After clearing the trees, the rusted yellow bulldozer sliced into the soil of the lot, exposing more than 24 inches of rich, dark, peaty loam. The smell in the trench was rich with the fecund musk of decomposing leaves, plants and organic matter. The soil itself seemed to hum with the possibility of growth. Growing up in Iowa and Minnesota, the scent of black earth being plowed in spring was part of the progression of the seasons. The aroma of freshly turned, northern fields still has the compass-like power to direct my mind to childhood memories. . . .  read more