Dharma and The Mahabharata

Poetry to a modern day person’s eye is often mostly thought of a shorter text, works that are now more popular and modern being works that are only about a page or two long, getting published in larger collections. A popular one, while not the best one, being something like this one:

This kind of poetry is usually feeling-filled, but in a way . . .  read more

The Importance of The Jātaka

For those who have not heard of The Jātaka, it is a set of 547 tales, and is one of the books in the canon of Buddhist scripture (Norton 1294). In Buddhism, there is the belief of reincarnation. That once you die, you are reborn as another being and have the chance to create a better life. All the tales in The Jātaka are believed to be records . . .  read more

Lessons in Leadership – Week 3 – Chris and Amme Weilert

Chris and Amme highlighted a number of themes concerning leadership, business, and personal development. Provide your thoughts on one of the following themes and how this theme applies to you.

  1. You are not entitled to your dream. Work ethic matters.
  2. Speak the truth and show the truth: Honesty and Integrity.
  3. Comparison is the thief of joy.

Are Books Magical? – The Power and the Pursuit of Knowledge in Setne Khamwas and Naneferkaptah

I was initially excited to study Setne Khamwas and Naneferkaptah because I had no previous history with it. However, once I realized that it was going to be the subject of my first blog post, I struggled to choose a topic to cover for a close reading. I tried to identify a few of the story’s important themes, and finally settled on “Magic.” . . .  read more

From the Desk of the Dean

Dear CMS Alumni and Friends,

Greetings from the Dean’s Office. I hope you had a great summer.

We have completed a successful academic year. Thanks to the efforts of our faculty and staff, we produced another large group of graduates for the much-needed STEM Workforce in Oklahoma and in the country.

We started our 2019-2020 academic year last month. . . .  read more

CHEM Updates

Like many departments across campus, the Chemistry Department has a long history of faculty who take pride in and devote a great amount of time to their work with students in the classroom. Over the past year, a number of faculty in the Department spent time learning how to improve their teaching through book groups, workshops, and other learning . . .  read more

Cody Wilkerson, Nursing Graduate Student

Cody Wilkerson graduated from UCO with his bachelor’s in nursing in May 2017. During that time he served as a tutor for the department. He states “I developed a passion for pediatrics very early on in nursing school so I took a full time job on the Pediatric Surgical Unit at The Children’s Hospital after graduation and have worked there . . .  read more

Joel Erickson, Computer Science Undergraduate Researcher

Joel Erickson is a recent graduate of UCO with a computer science major. During his undergraduate studies, Joel became interested in applying his computer science knowledge to financial trading. He created a trading infrastructure on his own, which incorporated a number of algorithmic and parameterized trading strategies.

In the summer and fall 2019 . . .  read more

Department of Funeral Service Welcomes New Professor

The Department of Funeral Service is excited to introduce our newest faculty member, Eric Kroier, JD/MBA. Eric is a licensed funeral director/embalmer, and graduate of the UCO Funeral Service department. After finishing his funeral service degree, he continued his education at the University of Oklahoma earning both a JD and MBA. In addition to his . . .  read more