Summer Technology Cleaning

Now is a good time to clean your tech. Dusting off computers and other electronic equipment can prolong the life of your devices. Computers have many little areas where dust can easily accumulate. Leaving the dust intact, can be damaging to your computer. With the accumulated dust, the airflow is reduced which may eventually lead to excessive heat. . . .  read more

Celebration of Growth in UCO Spring Graduates

Screenshot of UCO Spring 2021 outdoor commencement ceremonies

by Maiana Wise

On the spring weekend of May 7th, 2021, hundreds of UCO seniors and graduate students celebrated their degree completion together during graduation ceremonies on campus. While all students had accomplished a great feat, only a fraction had the honor of wearing special cords as “STLR Transformation Graduates.” . . .  read more

Feature Story: Returning, With Caution

Erika Cerda, assistant vice president for Talent Management

It is now June of 2021 and most of us are back on campus, navigating our spaces after over a year of mandated masks and social distancing. It’s quite the shift from what we’ve grown accustomed to over the last year and I know many of you have questions. As we shift back to Level 1 operations, I wanted to acknowledge some of your concerns as well . . .  read more

Get to Know a Broncho

Dr. Nesreen Alsbou, professor of electrical and computer engineering

What is your background?

Currently, I am a professor of engineering at UCO. I am the electrical engineering program coordinator, the director of the Internet of Things (IoT) research lab and supervising multiple student clubs on campus including IEEE, WIE and Broncho Robotics. I have a Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from the University of Oklahoma, a bachelor’s . . .  read more

June Preventative Care Challenge

Katie Saylor, senior benefits specialist

Wellness challenges are back! Throughout the month of June, all full-time faculty and staff members are encouraged to get a preventative exam and earn a UCO t-shirt. UCO community members have fallen well below the national average in receiving preventative services, like annual exams, well-childcare, immunizations and cancer screenings. Remember, . . .  read more

ComPsych 90-Day Satisfaction Survey

Jill Robertson, employee experience specialist

ComPsych became UCO’s employee assistance program (EAP) provider March 1, 2021. As we complete our first 90 days with ComPsych, we are interested in hearing feedback from the UCO community on their experience with ComPsych. If you have utilized ComPsych’s services, we invite you to take this anonymous survey. Survey results . . .  read more

C-style DiSC Highlight

Fran Petties, director of Talent Development

This month’s Talent Development department spotlight will shine on the Wiley Everything DiSC C-style. The purpose of this spotlight is to increase awareness of the differing communication styles and needs that exist across campus and provide tips to promote effective team communication and relationship building which in turn supports a positive . . .  read more

Conflicts and Consultations

Sydney Wood, employee relations specialist

Conflicts are inevitable in the workplace, whether it be someone leaving their food in the fridge too long, or inappropriate or unethical behavior. Managing disputes with coworkers and supervisors can seem like a daunting challenge, but Employee Relations is here to help support you in addressing and resolving both minor and serious issues. If you . . .  read more