Bacon & Legs: Morning Blog # 2

by: Gabe Lay, Dillion Smith, Nathan Clark, and Rodney Walker

How to Properly manage weekly Strength Training.

When wanting to strength train it is important to understand fatigue and knowing how much your body can actually handle, while simultaneously knowing what your joint mobility can do. When lifting weights proper technique is most important, but in this blog we will go over volume and tonnage, rest and recovery options and lastly intensities and efforts used in a training cycle. . . .  read more

Stretch Your Mind – Stretch Your Body

Stretch Your Mind – Stretch Your Body

Top 10 Reasons to Stretch

by:  Hannah Henley, Andi Messenger, Ali Nakvinda, Korey Floyd, Carli Jones, Kaleb Gaylord

  1. Keeps You Loose to Move – Stretching decreases muscle tension and increase range of motion, which is super important in our society of sitting. Everyday activities become more doable and enjoyable when there is less pain and resistance eliminated by stretching.
  2. Stretching Once a Day Keeps the Dr. Away – A flexible muscle is less likely to become injured with sudden movements. Flexibility helps with balance and joint resistance that can build up from lack of motion due. Flexibility in the hamstrings, hip flexors and muscles attached to the pelvis relieve stress on the lumbar spine reducing your risk of low back pain and injury.
  3. Sore Be Gone – After a hard workout or a day of saving the world it helps keep muscles loose reduce the tightening effect that leads to post work aches and pains.
  4. Straight Up Sittn’ – Stretching the muscles of lower back and shoulders keeps the spine straight and maintains better alignment. It also aids in falling asleep, staying asleep and waking up with comfort.
  5. Don’t Stress Out… Stretch Out Well stretched muscles hold less tension that can build up from everyday life situations. Less stress in the body also reflects with less stress in the mind. Stretching before bed (or anytime of day) is a very beneficial practice that helps with sleep.
  6. Stretch Harder; Go Father – Flexible joints and muscles require less energy to move through an action allowing you to keep endurance up and keep going like the energizer bunny!
  7. Better to Be Stretched than Sorry – Stretching prior to work or everyday life allows your muscles to loosen up and be ready for what ever comes your way! Warmed up muscles are less likely to be pulled or cramp up.
  8. Yoga Flow = Blood Flow – Stretching increases blood supply to your muscles and joints that constantly flushes new nutrients to those tissues. The blood flow also carries away and cleanses build up of toxins and calcium that cause stiffness and pain.
  9. Tune in to Your Body – Stretching creates a mind body connection. Your mind, when stretching is involved, is in awareness of your body’s breath, pain, discomfort and mental determination to overcome the initial resistance that stretching is. It helps you tune in to your body physically and your mind mentally.
  10. Get Longer and Look Leaner – Elongating the muscles not only increases range of motion and reduces stress, but overtime it helps the muscles actually look leaner. Removing the tight balls of calcium in the muscles creates smooth muscle fibers that look and feel better!

Now you know why you should stretch, so now let talk about how to. According to ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine) a stretching routine should be completed 2-3 days per week to improve and maintain range of motion. Each Stretch should be held to the point of discomfort for 15-60 seconds. While stretching it is important to take deep inhales and exhales to help eliminate some of the acidity created, which is the discomfort you feel in stretching. What specific stretches you do is up to you! Hop into a yoga class; look on Pintrest or YouTube for good yoga and stretch routines if you need ideas. Do your body, mind and overall self some good and get to stretching! . . .  read more

Bacon & Legs: Morning Blog

by: Gabe Lay, Dillion Smith, Rodney Walker, and Nathan Clark

Fitness Motivation: Do You Have it or Lack it?

Going to the gym should be easy, right? It is one of the best ways to take ourselves and ensure longevity and ease of everyday living. Unfortunately for most people, getting in a workout is a hard sell. There is often one or multiple variables, such as work, school, or other passions and pursuits that stop people from doing this one critical thing, which could literally save their lives. It may sound dramatic in those terms, but it is the undeniable truth. As of writing this blog, our own team members have encountered instances of demotivation ourselves and wanted to provide some insight and wisdom for overcoming the lack of motivation for exercise that plagues so many of us. Here are some of our tips: . . .  read more

Mark Your Calendar! Here’s Your ACM@UCO Metro Music Series Update

ACM@UCO Metro Music Series logo

The 2018-2019 school year marks ACM@UCO’s tenth anniversary!

To celebrate, it expanded its long-running Metro Music Festival into a yearlong event. The revamped Metro Music Series includes the High Noon Showcase, presenting free shows by ACM@UCO-tied music acts and tastemakers; its ACM@UCO Performance Lab series by regional and national touring acts; and a growing roster of masterclasses, clinics and workshops with industry leaders, many of which are open to students and the public. . . .  read more

Message from the Dean – October 15, 2018

First some good news:

I apologize for the length of the “good news” this week, but I need to share this Facebook post by  Sheradee Scott Hurst from Greg White’s wall.

“So, here’s what happened when my eight-year-old was invited to play a child role in a college production. Opening night, she walked in the green room and several college students shouted, “Happy Opening!” The student assigned to supervise the three children in the production took notes in her phone of their favorite candy the night before and bought it with her own money and brought it to opening night for them. Another cast member wrote a handwritten note to the three children encouraging them to stay in music theatre and telling them how happy it makes him to see young children involved in theatre. Then our tiny actor told us she held hands with the cast while they lead a prayer circle. This is the youth of today? Twenty years ago, when I was a little Broncho I was just trying to have clean underwear for class. These kids are incredibly impressive. One of the leads walked by, patted her on the shoulder and said, “Good job, Sweetheart!” And the best lesson out of the entire experience… the freshman student that was assigned to supervise the children. They were calling her “Aunt Madi.” She was precious and came to every rehearsal to learn parts as an understudy and also to supervise the children. She stood in for anyone when they were gone at rehearsal. She supervised the kids through every dress rehearsal and performance this week. She came in *full hair and make-up* to EVERY show, to supervise the kids, and never once stepped foot on the stage. I made sure to tell my girls to take notice of that. You aren’t always the lead role, sometimes you aren’t ensemble, and sometimes, many times, you have to work really hard and never step foot on the stage through the show’s run. It’s not about landing a big role; it’s about making a big impact and she certainly did that on my little one. Then…last night when we got in the car after a packed show. I said to my girl, “I just kept looking around that theater and thinking how packed it was and how many people were there. Then I started thinking you’re only eight years old, and it’s a really big stage with all these college students, and you just went out there like a professional in front of that completely packed theater!” My girl smiled and said, “And guess what? I have you to thank for all of it!” 😭 So now I’m picking up the 9,000 pieces my heart burst into in the UCO parking lot. 💕 Thank you Greg White, Brent Pedersen, UCO Musical Theatre: “The Most Happy Fella,” and Edmond Fine Arts Institute. Our gratitude for her to have this experience is immeasurable. Her Dad and I are proud to be Bronchos.” . . .  read more

Question & Answer with Sculptural Artist, Stacey Holloway

The "Flight of the Elephant" exhibit in the Melton Gallery features sculptures of elephants of various sizes, including some on stilts or with constructed wings.

Written by Kyle Cohlmia, curator of the UCO Melton Gallery

Stacey Holloway, artist and Assistant Professor at the University of Alabama, Birmingham, visited UCO’s campus last week to install her sculptures for the Melton Gallery’s current exhibit “Flight of the Elephant,” a project spearheaded by UCO Design Department Chair, Amy Johnson. . . .  read more

Lessons in Leadership – Week 7 – Ann Ackerman

During Ann’s presentation, it was clear throughout her career others were impressed with her work and commitment to professional opportunities and personal development. In her comments she mentioned “Your network, is Your net worth.” How are you being intentional in developing your networks and relationships with professional and personal colleagues? . . .  read more