Crossing the Finish Line to Degree Completion

STRIPES-VUB works with veterans from multiple points in their journey to higher education completion. Some walk into our office after a few years of service having never stepped foot into a higher education setting. Others started an academic program and have been on hiatus for several years. It is not uncommon to be working with a veteran who attempted . . .  read more

Lessons in Leadership- Week 7- Representative Cyndi Munson

During her time in class, representative Cyndi Munson discussed 3 things she thinks are missing in leadership: listening well, authenticity, and compassion. What is one thing you think is missing in leadership, and how can you go about making it more prevalent in different areas?

The Fourth Democratic Debate – Tuesday 10/15

The fourth Democratic primary debate is Tuesday 10/15. The debate will begin at 8pm Eastern Time (7pm Central Time). It will be aired live on CNN. The debate will consist of 12 candidates – the most candidates for a single presidential debate in US history. This fact earned this Tuesday’s debate the epithet of “The Biggest Debate . . .  read more

Machines Vs. Free Weights: Which Should You Use?

Tell me if this sounds familiar; you walk into a gym and just stand there. As you look at all the equipment that that gym offers, you continue to stand there with the one concerning question: which type of weights should I use; the free weights or the machines. Well lucky for you, this article will help you the next time . . .  read more

The Perpetual Search for “True Self”

The search for our true selves is nothing new. This has been the ultimate quest from the beginning of time. It’s wrapped up in every tale of adventure-someone faining for glory, honor, power, etc.. The characters all think if they find what they are longing for, they will find themselves, and if we are honest with ourselves, we are not too . . .  read more

October is Cybersecurity Month!

Stop. Think. Connect. October is national cybersecurity month.

October is National Cybersecurity Awareness Month and UCO’s Office of Information Technology wants you to stay cyber aware.  That is why we are hosting multiple events throughout the month to shed a brighter light on what we all can do to implement stronger security practices and raise community awareness.  Staying safer and more secure online . . .  read more