OESC Veteran Services Job Club Announcement

As an adult student flexible employment is sometimes a necessity. If you find yourself needing employment as a student, consider the monthly OESC Job Club event. Hosted by the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission Veteran office, the monthly Job Club assists US Veterans with finding employment, full and part time positions.The next Job Club is . . .  read more

Oklahoma Civic Health Index 2012

“The report’s emphasis on the importance of voter education and civic skills to advancing public life across the state provides a model for others across the country working on these issues.”

-Kristen Cambell

For the full 2012 Oklahoma Civic Health Index click here . . .  read more

Are You On Radio Silence?

Remember the days of radio discipline and communications? You may not be carrying around a radio as a student, but are you operating on radio silence as a student?  Are you just receiving? Does the person transmitting know you “copy that”?

When we leave the military service we slowly move from a two-way “Over and Out” and “Roger That” . . .  read more

BEO College Fair

Saturday, August 24, 2019 - Join us for the annual Oklahoma County Black Elected Officials (BEO) College Fair! More than 60 colleges and universities from across the United States will be at Metro Technology Center's Springlake campus to answer your questions regarding admission, financial aid, scholarships, housing, and degree programs. All students and adults interested in learning about options for their future are invited!