VP for Information Technology & CIO


What a great word for faculty and the staff who support them in the quest to help students learn! To create a spark through intellectual discourse, experiential activities, research, and collaborative exercises, we in the academy set on fire the minds of students wishing to expand their horizons.

For decades, learning management systems have provided tools for faculty to organize course content and to communicate with students inside the classroom and beyond. Students have one location in which they know they will find resources provided by experts in their chosen discipline.  In the past several years, this one-stop-shop that coordinates course materials and consolidates administrative information has matured to provide a wealth of opportunities to enhance learning outside the classroom. Faculty time can now be spent with students in active pursuit of knowledge gained through critical thinking, questioning, and interacting.

We welcome to our campus, our colleagues from throughout Oklahoma who share a passion for questioning, searching, learning, growing and who utilize Desire2Learn.  Our D2L partners are leaders in academic technology designed to provide innovative tools for learning, assessment, content, and more.

UCO is delighted to host D2L Ignite.  Let your passion for learning burn brightly!