Good morning.

This is the last Sunday of the fall semester. For those of you in the Lessons in Leadership, the class has ended and you are submitting the last of your speaker reviews. I look forward to viewing your video projects with Jarrett.

Most,of you have exams and other responsibilities in the next few days. But by this time next week, the exams will be completed, ROTC and School of Nursing programs and four commencement ceremonies will be held, all in the span of a few days.

I was pleased that Mary Melon of the Journal Record spent time with us and shared her story and her belief in the efficacy of emotional intelligence, among other insights. I trust that some of her reflections resonated with you. We are truly appreciative that so many of our state public and private sector leaders are more than willing to volunteer their time and expertise to visit with us. Each of the expresses their interest in you and in the roles you will play in our state and nation over time.

Jarrett and I will be reviewing the semester for continuing improvements. Your ideas are encouraged as we make changes for those who will follow you

This is the first semester where I have used this blog as one way of enhancing our connection. We will work to make it more attractive with photos, video etc when and where appropriate.

Though my schedule does not offer me the opportunity to join you for every session, I was pleased to have interacted with many of you both in L in L and beyond. Your energy and curiosity are formidable assets as you continue your pathway to the degree(s) and into a life of value and purpose. I have told Jarrett that I would love to attach a tracking device to each one of you and see who and where you are in 5, 10, 20 years from these days. Keeping connected is a worthy aspiration for all of us.

I wish each of you a marvelous holiday break with family and friends, and with plenty to time to relax and refresh each in your own way.

And if you are living on campus, or have a meal plan, come by Buddy’s at 9:30PM this Tuesday night as we will be cooking late night breakfast to fortify you in your hours of study.

After observing you for these months, my belief in you and your ability to live our university mission’s promise has been amply confirmed. These are special days for you to learn about you and the world around you and the possible roles you will play in our future. You are our wisest investment.

I wish each of you true success this semester and beyond.

Take care,

don Betz