King Week at UCO

Tomorrow and this next week the UCO community honors the memory and message of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

For some Monday is not a day off, but a “day on”, a time to join with others in remembering the past and in making a difference in someone’s life today. During the week, our students, faculty and staff will move us with their oratory and their community service. This culture of serving is a sustaining value here at Central, and manifests itself in multiple, creative ways.

In doing so, we are projecting one of Dr. King’s motivating assertions into practice decades after his assassination. “Everybody can be great,” he counseled,”because anybody can serve…You need only a heart full of grace and a soul generated by love”. The greatness of which he spoke shines from within our commitment to aid others.

Education is one of those pathways to worthy and meaningful service. Living and fostering a culture of learning, leading and serving is central to UCO’s world view and is highly congruent with King’s message. Times and challenges change, but values and purpose do not. Since 1890 when Oklahoma was a territory, Central has understood and embraced its mission of changing lives and serving the state through the lives of its students as responsible citizens.

The message of service and peace is one of Dr. King’s enduring lessons. Another is the cultivation of hope in others by acting, by collaborating to increase the likelihood that the stone of hope, of which he spoke, would emerge out of the mountain of despair.

There is work to do…together.

Take care,

Don Betz