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UCO Website Redesign

UCO recently redesigned its website to reflect revised branding and to support the university’s overall strategic plan in articulating the value of the university to the community and prospective students.  The Office of Information Technology has partnered with University Communications to transition all division and department webpages to the new web design.

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Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) Snapshot

The Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR) Snapshot is a web-based application providing students the ability to create and customize a UCO STLR document. The Office of Information Technology has partnered with Student Affairs to design and develop the STLR Snapshot application which will soon be available for electronic delivery in conjunction with an official UCO […]

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Business people Having Meeting Around Table In Modern Office

Enterprise Constituent Relationship Management (CRM)

UCO’s CRM project includes the strategy, business processes, and software for managing and enhancing interactions with current and prospective students, alumni, and donors. The Office of Information Technology has partnered with Student Affairs and Development to implement solutions that fulfill the university’s CRM strategy. The first phase of the project will implement new online applications […]

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Week 11 – Lessons in Leadership – Jim Dunlap and Pat Hall

During their presentation, Jim and Pat discussed being “engaged and enraged” while also showing that individuals with different political backgrounds can effectively work together to solve issues and challenges in our state. What can you do to balance your personal engagement and goals with a respect to listening to others who may have different opinions […]

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The Importance of Rest During and After Exercise

by: Breion Young and Kayla Rogers A driven person who knows what they want and is willing to do whatever it takes to get it might actually be harming themselves and their fitness goals if they go too hard without rest. Rest is very important for your body. To most people rest is more important […]

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Let’s Talk Aerobic Exercise

By: Kayla Rogers & Breion Young Ever walk into the cardio area of the gym, and feel overwhelmed with options? Or maybe using a cardio machine/cardio training of any sort is an intimidating factor for you, because you simply do not know how to cardiovascular train. While many associate working out/exercising as, “lifting weights” the […]

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Week 10 – Lessons in Leadership – Melissa Houston

Commissioner Houston discussed a number of items related to your personal path to leadership success to include changing your interpretation of events and challenges, what your why is and the unexpected path your life’s journey will take. Please choose any topic she discussed and provide us with your thoughts.

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15 Halloween Costumes for Professional Procrastinators

Let’s be honest. Halloween is one of those holidays that just sneaks up on you. You get so busy doing other things that it just slips your mind. Picture this: it’s September 1, and you are planning the perfect Halloween costume. You’ve picked out the perfect dress, pinned your favorite makeup looks, practiced exactly how […]

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Dr. Bucky Dodd

Designing Personalized Learning Experiences

Introduction The research and literature that explores how adults learn consistently emphasizes the importance of personalization in the learning process (Russell, 2009). While it’s generally accepted that personalization is a positive goal when designing learning environments, the practical challenges associated with accomplishing this can often be overwhelming. Personalization requires motivation and relevancy on the part […]

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Image of the cover of a book: Barkley & Major, Learning Assessment Techniques

Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t, My Pedagogy

Written by Sam Ladwig, M.F.A, Assistant Professor, Design –  I teach a creative thinking class that is intentionally unorthodox. It falls into the “healthy life skills” category of core coursework at the University of Central Oklahoma, but it is ultimately a critical thinking course. Although I use several readings from Shane Show’s book Smart Cuts as […]

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