A Foreign Holiday

  Countless students study relentlessly as the holidays quickly approach. Millions of individuals flood malls and department stores to find presents for loved ones. The long break from school and work is just around the corner. Around the 15th of December the semester finally comes to a close

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Finals for Professors

By: Brittany Smithson-Wolfe and Travis Wilson For students, finals week consists of pulling all-nighters, consuming copious amounts of caffeine, and cramming before exams or finishing final projects. All the while, professors are rigorously catching up on grading to make sure every student’s grades are complete and submitted on time.

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Homeless for the Winter

Homeless for the Winter Written By Sarah Southerland and Maddie Pinion   When the sun sets on Oklahoma City everything in its light appears orange. That’s how I noticed him from the distance where he sat in the shadow of the Episcopal church in the heart of Midtown. That day I wasn’t looking for someone […]

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Bringing Vietnam Into Christmas

One Vietnam Student’s Christmas Traditions By: Bethany Syzemore, My Le and Kristen Weber 8,655 miles from home and a whole new world during the most festive time of the year.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. The last few months of the calendar year seem to fly by with parties, family gatherings and, for students, finals. […]

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A christmas light display on Broadway Ave. in Oklahoma City

Lighting The Way To Memories

Photography by eglasper The setting sun signals night time approaching. Seemingly moments later, the moon is in full bloom and the streets are covered not only in the lights of the sky, but the lights of Christmas.

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Parking for “Meet Me In St. Louis” for Saturday, December 3rd

We wanted to make everyone aware of potential parking issues for those attending performances of Meet Me In St. Louis at Mitchell Hall on Saturday, December 3rd. Due to Edmond’s Parade of Lights that evening, there will be restrictions on where you can park your vehicle. For our 2pm performance, parking near Mitchell Hall will be limited […]

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Building an Attitude For Exercise

By Kamiera Jones Have you been contemplating on exercising but just can’t seem to get started or find the time to exercise? We as people tend to make time for the things we feel are most important or things that are at the top of our priority list. Therefore, we must make exercising important to […]

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Photo of books

The Educative Tool of Autobiography

How many times have you heard a student ask, “How does this relate to my life?” Autobiography and life writing can be a transformative tool in the classroom to help illicit answers to this question. After all, we all come to college with a different set of life experiences that make up the whole of […]

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Free Weights vs Machine Weights

By Javier Ibanez When it comes to new people wanting to do resistance training, usually the first questions they ask themselves is whether to work out on machines or with free weights. There are many great benefits for each type of weight training, but there has always been a debate on which one is better. […]

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Eating Disorders in Athletes

By Kaitlyn Johns Sports have many benefits to athletes including: improvements in physical health, social connections, and improved self-esteem. Sports can also end up creating a negative body image for young athletes once they begin entering the competition world. Society has such a skewed image of thinness and the pressure of competition on athletes, leading […]

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