Big Pink: Popping for Purpose

Friday night was a perfect fall evening for a stroll across the campus of UCO.  A fresh, crisp breeze filled the air.

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The Custodian: An Unlikely Hero

The dark and empty hall is filled with a piercing silence only one is heroic enough to endure.

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Story planning board for Media Writing students.

Media Writing Class Explores a ‘Typical Evening on UCO Campus’

The 16 students of the Media Writing class are writing about a typical evening on the University of Central Oklahoma campus. Find out in their posts what interesting people and scenes that they found.

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A Night in the Life

As I turn the corner of the dimly lit, empty hallway of the photography lab, I’m struck with how eerily quiet it is.

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Live From UCO: It’s A Typical Night

   A Monday evening on the UCO campus consists of a variety of different things. Much like any other time of day on campus, people are out and about, enjoying the cool evening air. While strolling along the path by the lake, I was everything but pleased to find that

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Monday Night Madness in the Food Court

The food court in UCO open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday to serve the food for students and staff.

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Evening Golfing – College Style

It isn’t often that you have a quiet, still night in windy Oklahoma. As I walk down the dimly lit sidewalk toward Plunkett Park, I look up at the trees and listen as crickets softly chirp.

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UCO or the Streets of a Big City?

A brisk evening under the street lights, phone recording, blaring music from a bluetooth speaker and the SuppaSquad.

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Dr. Bucky Dodd

Three Plans for Designing Instructional Videos – Part II

Instructional videos are becoming an increasingly important part of teaching and learning experiences. In part I of this series, I described ways to organize a video by focusing on the context first and then describing the concept. In this article, I will share how to use challenge questions to organize and guide the development of […]

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Let Physical Activity Benefit YOU

By Chasady Minnifield Physical activity can be beneficial in so many ways. Even if you feel like you are considered a couch potato. There are many exercises that you can do while watching the television or just sitting in a chair. For example, chair stands, bicep curls, tricep dips, etc. Some common exercises that you […]

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