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Cool website

Cool website

This is not an app, but I came across this website today and thought I would share. Some of you may have already seen this tool on the web, but I had not, and despite the fact that I typically will not purchase access to websites, I think this is valuable enough that I might […]

New features

New features

I just love it when something unexpected (that I like!!) occurs. I have been using Noteability to write on pdfs and for journal writing. I was pleasantly surprised this evening when I opened the app to find that they had changed some of the features for the better. I had written last time that I […]

Better stylus

I have been doing a lot of handwriting on my ipad and it occured to me that the writing tip of my stylus is similar to writing with the end of an eraser…the large surface is too big to have the same sensitivity as the tip of a pen and I find myself rewriting some […]

Top Ten Reasons to have an IPad

In the spirit of the new year, I have decided it would be appropriate to list the top 10 reasons I love my IPad! 10. It makes me look cool to the students! 9. I am really a geek (and always have been). 8. It is a great way to take roll (I can’t misplace […]

Apple TV and iPad

The good thing about turning 45 was my present, Apple TV. The mirroring function is great with IOS 5, and I wish my classroom had it. I haven’t used my iPad in my class too much because changing inputs, sound, etc. is not seamless when moving between the PC in there and the iPad. If […]

Folders in Pages

Darren showed us how to put our files into folders. Thanks!