University of Central Oklahoma
Discovering New Technologies for Academia


First, I still feel like I have a lot to learn about maximizing my use of the iPad. Probably the most helpful thing for me is using it as a reader for my textbooks and professional updates. I have a slight vision problem that makes reading printed materials an exercise in various reading glasses and […]


I wrote a post and hit publish. It failed because I had not given it a title. I went in and gave it a title and selected publish but it the failed again. I logged out and went back in and made the connection that each time I had gone in I had to update […]

Little apps

I am finding “little” apps such as temperature converter, phrase book are the ones I often refer students to. I anticipate that sometime next semester I will pull together a list that I can include in my syllabus.


This week I was able to use this app with students in pathophysiology. It allows you to set your vision to what it would be like if you had cataracts, glaucoma, macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy. Everything you look at through the iPad camera will be adjusted. Allowed students to see how taking noes, watching […]

Splash top whiteboard

It works! This app allows you to use your iPad as the whiteboard and therefore project up on the screens the computer projects too. I am not fortunate enough to get to use the ctl classrooms this semester so am back in my big old classroom in coyner. The computer projects to two large screens […]