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iPad and thesis defenses

Last week I tried to go paperless to a thesis defense. Then I panicked and printed out parts, only to discover that PDF reader had a new features that allowed me to make notes. I ended up using the iPad the most. The strange looks I get from colleagues when I use the iPad are […]

Apple TV and iPad

The good thing about turning 45 was my present, Apple TV. The mirroring function is great with IOS 5, and I wish my classroom had it. I haven’t used my iPad in my class too much because changing inputs, sound, etc. is not seamless when moving between the PC in there and the iPad. If […]

Folders in Pages

Darren showed us how to put our files into folders. Thanks!


Has anyone played around with IOS5 yet. I cannot wait to see what is new!!!

YouTube on My iPad

For some reason, YouTube is not working on my iPad. This happened on campus yesterday & then at home last night. It keeps spinning & loading. Any suggestions?