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I have been looking for an app to connect to the classroom computers to keep me away from the podium and I think I have found the solution. I downloaded the Splashtop Touchpad that Darren emailed today and was able to connect very easily to my desktop computer and use the iPad as a mouse. I can open any program and if using a PowerPoint can not only advance the slide (which I can do with any remote) but was also able to open any program on my computer…. Not much use for that in my office, but it will be great in the classroom… I also downloaded the xdisplay app which will work as a second monitor… I couldn’t play with it in my office because it requires windows 7 which I don’t have yet BUT we have windows 7 in our classrooms so it will work in there… I do have windows 7 at home, and again it was easy to connect and the iPad worked great as a second monitor.

I then showed my techy son and he showed me how I can use the iPad in presenter mode with PowerPoint! I can have any notes in front of me, but the only thing the students see is the actual PowerPoint. Too cool… And both apps were free. There is also a whiteboard app that also connects using the splash top streamer (this is the program that has to be downloaded on the PC for the iPad to connect using the other apps), but it is currently 9.99 and I am to cheap right now to buy it.

All of the programs require a passcode to be set on the main computer, and used on the ipad so others are not able to log in unless they know the code.


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