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Broncho Debate

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CODI Saturday Schedule


Parents are welcome to attend all events on Saturday

Round 4 Starts at 9AM

11- Pizza

We will announce the teams in finals as soon as we have the results. We want the final round to start at 1145.

Immediately after finals we will have a brief awards ceremony. If everything runs on time we should be done right around 2PM.

Dorm students- Have your rooms cleaned up and packed before coming over in the morning. Take any trash out. The RAs will make sure everything is clean and check you out of your room and collect your keys/cards. You can store your luggage in Liberal Arts (we will lock it in a classroom).

If you have a meal plan card you need to turn it in. Failure to do so will result in a $10 charge from the university. Lost dorm keys will also be charged (I do not know how much, probably $50).

CODI Thursday Schedule

Thursday Schedule

9- Lecture- Kritiks (Chris Loghry) (LAR 232)

1130- Lunch

1 Labs

430 Dinner

6 Labs

CODI Wednesday Schedule

Wednesday Schedule

9- Lecture- Counterplans (Matt Moore)

1130- Lunch

1- Advanced Lab- Lab Time, Beginning and Intermediate Lab Demo Debate LAR 232

430 Dinner

6 Labs


CODI Tuesday Schedule


9AM Roll Call and Lecture: Topicality and Theory (Courtney Schauer)

1130 Lunch

1 Labs

430 Dinner

6-8 Labs

CODI Monday Schedule

CODI Monday Schedule
9-1130 Debating Case and Disads LAR 332
1130-1 Lunch
1-430- Labs
430-6 Dinner
6-8 Labs

2016 Central Oklahoma Debate Institute

81587 UCO Debate Tee 2-01


Click Here to Fill out the Application Form

Dates: July 24-30, 2016


Registration Before June 1 Cost of Institute: $300 Cost of Housing: $200

Registration After June 1 Cost of Institute: $350 Cost of Housing: :$225

Meal Plan: Cost $150 Covers 3 meals a day, M-F of the camp. The Institute will provide Dinner on Sunday July 24 and Breakfast on Saturday July 30 for everyone. Purchase of the meal plan is optional.

Previous CODI attendees receive a $100 tuition discount

Coaches interested in sending multiple students should contact Matthew Moore ( to inquire about special discounts.

Tuition discounts available to students facing financial need. Contact Matt Moore ( for details.

What does my tuition cover? Week of lectures and workshops aimed at improving debate knowledge and skills T-Shirt and Water Bottle, One-on-one practice and coaching sessions, Individualized research training and work, Full evidence set.


Are meals included? Meal plans are optional for students at additional costs. Those purchasing meal plans will have access to the campus dining halls. Those who choose not to purchase a meal plan are free to choose their own meal options from various places on and nearby campus. Adequate time is built into the schedule to ensure that students will be able to be able to eat.

When is the application deadline? July 10th, 2016  

Is there a deposit? Yes. There is a $50 non-refundable deposit for commuter students. The non-refundable deposit for students staying in the dorms is $125. The deposit should accompany your application to the camp. The deposit will be applied to the balance of the camp cost.

When is my final payment due? July 10th, 2016

What do I need to bring? Students should bring all of the materials they need to participate in debate rounds. This includes pens, paper, etc. If you debate paperless you need to bring a laptop. If you debate on paper, you will need to bring files, accordions, and tubs.  Even if you are not debating paperless, you should still bring a laptop. It will help you write arguments and briefs for debate rounds. If you are staying on campus you should bring clothes, bed linens, a pillow, towel, and everything else you will need for the week.

How will the debate evidence be distributed? All evidence will be distributed to the students electronically. Students wishing to debate off of paper will be responsible for printing out the files themselves.

What is the format of the camp? The CODI is a weeklong skills intensive debate camp. Students will engage in practice rounds, practice speeches, and intense one-on-one coaching designed to improve the students’ ability to execute arguments in competitive debate.

Can I pay via credit card? No. We cannot accept credit card payments at this time.

Who should I make the check out to? UCO. If you are mailing payment please send it to Matthew Moore, 100 N University Ave, Box 182, University of Central Oklahoma, Edmond, OK 73034.

Schedule for Monday July 20

9AM Roll Call Liberal Arts 124
9-11:30 Advantages and Disadvantages Lecture (Advanced) Chris Loghry Liberal Arts 124
9-11:30 Stock Issues (Beginner) Matt Moore Liberal Arts 128A
11:30-1 Lunch
1-4:30 Labs
4:30-6 Dinner
6-8 Labs

2015 Registration Information

Dorm residents should check in between 11-12:30 on Sunday July 19 at the Campus Commons Clubhouse located here:

Commuters will check in at the Liberal Arts Building lobby from 1-2. It is located here: