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New York Post coverage of Boston bombings

The New York Post has been criticized this week for showing a photo of two men they implied were suspects. The Post’s response:
“Post editor Col Allan defended the newspaper’s decision to run its cover and the story, telling The Huffington Post’s Michael Calderone: ‘We stand by our story. The image was emailed to law enforcement [...]

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Would you post this photo?

A photo of a dead man (drowning victim) is posted on a hometown website.
The police are asking people to help identify the victim.
Would you run this photo? The man’s next of kin obviously have not been notified because police don’t know who he is.
What are the pros and cons of running this image? [...]

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Final Thoughts and Survey Response (just to make the post extra long)

My final verdict on the iPad 2 is this: luxury. Not to say that it’s the primo-, top-of-the-line, best-of-the-best device, but rather to say possessing one is not a necessity but a luxury. It can make some tasks easier to complete on the go, and it can provide an extra communication device to keep you [...]

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Post from your tablet

Lets try to do all our posts from our tablets.  this one is from is from my thinkpad.

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