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Update on iPad Academic Use

How I am using the iPad after about 8 months~
I have found that using the iPad has been good for research.  I tend to queue up articles that I need to read in a dropbox folder that I have access to through a dropbox app.  When I am at swim practice with my daughter, when […]

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iPad implementation plan

Several ideas for implementation in nursing.  Classroom applications are obvious, but I’m also thinking about uses for clinical orientation, equipment uses, and physical assessment practice.
Discipline knowledge:
I will use the iPad technology in my EKG interpretation class by video taping  actual videos of monitor banks at the hospital. There is a lack of dynamic EKG strip […]

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Central 6 and IPad Academy

I have learned many  ways that both my students and I can use to improve  our discipline knowledge and classroom teaching skills.  Some of the apps I intend to utilize in future courses for discipline knowledge in the classroom include quiz game apps to prepare them for teacher license exam, IMovie to create classroom vignettes […]

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UCO Backgrounds for iPad

Show off your Central Pride with a UCO background for your iPad!
Click here for more details.

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IPad Academy Central Six

Name: DeWade Langley
Department: School of Criminal Justice
Discipline Knowledge (Teaching)
I’m looking forward to using the iPad in several of my classes particularly in Terrorism and Homeland Security and Environmental Criminology. In Terrorism and Homeland Security the students are required to closely monitor world events and relate those events to specific terrorist groups. The iPad application for […]

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My iPad plan

I will first need some time to digest all the information that I have “downloaded”  but I plan to get started on projects for my fall Psychology classes soon.
Notability is going to be a very useful tool for my Statistics course. I plan to post computations I work out in class to D2L. With iMovie […]

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Digital Central Academy iPad Implementation Plan

iPad Implementation Plan (Initial)
Name: Thomas Milligan
Department: Mathematics and Statistics
Discipline Knowledge (Teaching)
One challenge that my students face is seeing enough examples to understand how to use different rules, properties and theorems. I plan on making recordings of me working out and explaining examples and then posting them for my students to watch. I will be focusing […]

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iPad Implementation Plan (Initial)

Name: J. Sunshine Cowan

Department: Kinesiology & Health Studies

Central Six Incorporation

Discipline Knowledge (Teaching):

There is a great deal of information in courses, and students need time to apply knowledge in the community and through projects while also learning new material. The iPad will allow me to better flip the classroom through the Educreations app. I can also […]

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iPad Academy

We have reached the initial completion of an intensive iPad Academy. There are so many things that we have discussed and attempted to do, that it will take a minute to put all of the pieces together. I will be busy absorbing all of the components that we have discussed, and work to implement them […]

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IPad Plan

I hope to use the iPad to do video modeling to teach my students to develop videomodeling to teach new behaviors to individuals with autism, etc.
I also want to use Numbers to collect data and to graph it.
Last I hope to assign students various Apps to evaluate for effective use in Applied Behavior Analysis.
If possible, […]

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