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You Put in Good Work, Now Read Some Good Work

Finals are officially winding down and this blogger couldn’t be happier. Looking around the library the past two weeks it’s been hard not to draw certain parallels. For instance, a lot of people (myself included) looked like extras from the Walking Dead. More disturbing still, I haven’t seen anyone work so hard to keep a [...]

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Exercising in Cold Weather

When winter arrives in Oklahoma, most people try to avoid exercising outdoors because of the temperature, but exercising in cold weather actually has some benefits. It may help burn more calories, gives you more energy, and even can enhance your mood. Most peoploe who exercise do know that exercise releases endorphins that make you feel [...]

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Marian Seldes, 1928-2014

The theatre world lost one of its greats yesterday. The multitalented actor Marian Seldes died in New York on Monday, October 6, 2014 at age 86.
Television and film audiences would recognize her from her work in various films such as 1995’s Truman, with Gary Sinise in the title role, Leatherheads (2008, with George Clooney and [...]

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