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Week 1 Presentation 2015 – President Betz

President Betz discussed a number of topics related to your personal leadership and development. Which topic resonated with you the most and why?

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Come Feed Your Wanderlust

Is there anything worse than being stuck in class for the summer? Probably, but today isn’t about that; it’s about your misery. And that’s exactly why we brought you a brand new feature shelf! Come check out some of our best Travel themed movies. We’ve got comedies, documentaries, and just plain ol’ summer classics. If […]

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Working Out When Sick

By George Whittaker One of the most common questions that fitness professionals get asked is whether it is ok to workout when someone is sick. The answer isn’t an easy “yes” or “no”. Different people deal with sickness and injury very differently. What may be disabling to one might feel like nothing but a minor […]

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