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Tweet via @DonBetz: Who Will Influence Whom?, via @nytimes http://t.co…

Who Will Influence Whom?, via @nytimes nyti.ms/1tMevX0

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Press Freedom in Ecuador

If  President Rafael Correa had his way, there would be none at all. Watch first few clips of the president’s weekly press conference to see what he thinks of the nation’s press.

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Press Freedom: Did you know?


Sean Tolbert, Trey Graham, Katie Graham and Chelsey Herbster created and posted flyers celebrating Press Freedom for Press Freedom week at UCO. Here are the flyers.
Press Freedom Flyer 4
Press Freedom Flyer 3
Press Freedom Flyer 2
Press Freedom Flyer 1
See other news from Press Freedom day here, including Dr. Roz Miller signing our “Pressbook” board!

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Press Freedom Day at UCO!

The Press Freedom class visited the Nigh to promote freedom of media. International World Press Freedom Day is May 3, but the class made April 18 an unofficial day to promote the media.
Several groups set up booths with posters people could write on, updating their “statuses.”
Mass Communication Chair Dr. Roz Miller stopped by to praise […]

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Press in apartheid-era South Africa — ‘Cry Freedom’

Steve Biko and Donald Woods were partners in Africa’s most celebrated example of press restrictions. Steve Biko was a black activist in 1970s apartheid-era South Africa. Donald Woods was a newspaper editor who wanted to tell the story of apartheid and what it was doing to South Africa’s people, black and white. The government tried […]

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Press Freedom in Ethiopia

The AfricaPaper website declares Ethiopia in “Dark Days” after a journalist is imprisoned and sentenced to 18 years in prison: “Journalist’s Verdict Marks Yet Another Dark Day for Ethiopia’s Press Freedom.  IPI “Appalled” by Blatant Abuse of Anti-Terrorism Laws to Suppress Dissent.” Read more here and here
This video from the late 2000s discusses the problems […]

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Press Freedom Index updated for 2013!

Here is the new map!

The new rankings can be viewed here:  2013 press freedom index
And here is the full report: 2013 press freedom pdf

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World Press Freedom Day — Why should you care?

UPDATE: The UNESCO web page has updated this year’s events.
The NEW themes we will explore this year:

Ensuring the Safety of Journalists and Media Workers
Combating Impunity of Crimes against Press Freedom
Online Safety

Press Freedom class: Go to the website and read about the themes.
About Press Freedom Day
About the World Press Freedom Prize
Video of World Press Freedom Day […]

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Press Freedom: FOIA and FOI Oklahoma

Learn about the federal Freedom of Information Act at FOIA.gov
And Oklahoma’s FOIOklahoma at FOIoklahoma.org
Both explain how citizens (all of us) have access to public information, records and meetings by governmental bodies.
Press Freedom class (or anyone): Comment on why this is a necessary step to Press Freedom.

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World Press Freedom Day!

 This year, World Press Freedom Day will be held on Friday, May 3. UNESCO will hold a meeting in Santiago, Chile, which ranks 80th on the Press Freedom Index.  Click here to read about the meeting.
The World Press Freedom Prize will be given to a journalist who embodies this spirit of the day. Click here […]

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