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UCentral Gets High

The University of Central Oklahoma’s media department has purchased a helicopter. The DJI Phantom Aerial Quadcopter is a small aerial vehicle for the GoPro camera system.
The quadcopter is a lightweight four bladed helicopter with a mount for a camera. It resembles what people call a drone. The quadcopter will be used to capture aerial footage [...]

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Nice use of tablet camera

This is less than innovative, but the  camera on the GalaxyTab is good.  And it is working well on my front porch!  The  case I purchased allows for both cameras to work well too! My tablet goal for the week is to figure out how to do video output to a projector.

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Galaxy as a camera Part II

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Here is an example of a video that I took with the Galaxy. This is from the Robotics competition my son participated in.

And some pictures. As you can see, the Galaxy does not handle motion too well, although I might be able to fix that through the settings.

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iPad 2 camera, iMovie and voice record

I think one of my favorite things that I need to use more with the iPad 2 is the camera.  As a photography instructor teaching to visual people, it’s a powerful tool.  Yesterday I demonstrated to my News Photography students how to operate our Olympus audio recorders (which they use to create audio photo slideshows).  [...]

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