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Transformative Learning in the Bigger Picture – What, Why, & the Student Transformative Learning Record (STLR)

If you have been at the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) for more than about six months, you have heard the term Transformative Learning. If you have been around for quite some time, you have heard the term on re-run repeatedly. If you are like me, you may have been thinking, “So what, so what now, […]

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A Professor’s Experience with STLR

Faculty involvement in STLR has amazing benefits for both faculty and students, but there are some issues that can be avoided through preparation. Here are the experiences of one faculty member who has implemented several STLR projects.   Over the past year, the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) has been implementing a Student Transformative Learning […]

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Musings from The Lab

I walked the UCO labyrinth today. The January morning was crisp and chilly, but not blustery as many Oklahoma mornings can be. Upon entering, I set my intention only for wisdom – nothing specific. My 1/3 mile journey began just as the sun’s rays were peeking at the horizon – slightly dark and slightly light. […]

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