Update on Breaking the Barriers Conference

The conference planning group is on its way to finalizing many of the details and are beginning to fall into place. On April 3, our class finally got to formally introduce ourselves to the rest of the University of Central Oklahoma Mass Communication faculty and staff, in which they went over the details of upcoming reception on […]

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by: Kyle Factor When you think of a great workout, you may think it has to be done formally in a gym. on the treadmill, weight training, or doing yoga or aerobic fitness classes. One type of recreational activity that may not have grabbed your attention is cycling. Getting out there on your bike and […]

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Dr. Bucky Dodd

Designing Personalized Learning Experiences

Introduction The research and literature that explores how adults learn consistently emphasizes the importance of personalization in the learning process (Russell, 2009). While it’s generally accepted that personalization is a positive goal when designing learning environments, the practical challenges associated with accomplishing this can often be overwhelming. Personalization requires motivation and relevancy on the part […]

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Image of the cover of a book: Barkley & Major, Learning Assessment Techniques

Is You Is, or Is You Ain’t, My Pedagogy

Written by Sam Ladwig, M.F.A, Assistant Professor, Design –  I teach a creative thinking class that is intentionally unorthodox. It falls into the “healthy life skills” category of core coursework at the University of Central Oklahoma, but it is ultimately a critical thinking course. Although I use several readings from Shane Show’s book Smart Cuts as […]

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Graphic showing that 65% of white students thought college was a good place to study for minorities, 78% of black students thought so, 82% of Hispanic students thought so, and 79% of Asian students thought so. The question asked was of graduates 1990-2016.

Is Your College a Good Place for Minority Students to Study?

The graphic shows that 65% of white students thought college was a good place to study for minorities, 78% of black students thought so, 82% of Hispanic students thought so, and 79% of Asian students thought so. The question asked was of graduates 1990-2016. Source: “Is your college a good place for minority students to […]

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Why include Health and Wellness in the Central Six tenets of Transformative Learning? (Part 2 of 2)

Written by Christy Vincent, Ph.D., Professor, Organizational Communication –  In my last blog post, I highlighted the relationship between our students’ health status and their academic success and pointed to numerous health-related issues our students face daily. I acknowledged that many faculty members contend that addressing student health and wellness falls into the purview of […]

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by: Breion Young & Kayla Rogers Overtraining is something that everybody has questions about. Is it good for the body? Will my performance increase or decrease? What is considered overtraining? “Overtraining is a common problem in weight training, but it can also be experienced by runners and other athletes. It occurs when the volume and […]

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Picture of Jeff King

“Engaged, Participatory Rethinking” to Transform Our Classrooms and Higher Education

We do a poor job helping students translate the specific content or knowledge gained in our classrooms into a tool (informational, conceptual, methodological, epistemological or affective) that will help them thrive in life. If higher education doesn’t do that — if it isn’t geared to helping students succeed beyond the final exam and after graduation […]

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Relax and Breathe

Relax and Breath Have you ever just felt that the weight of the world is on your shoulders, stress is eating you up, and there just doesn’t seem to be a way to relax? “Take a deep breath and relax.” We have all heard this before but it is very true and important to remember […]

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Week 8 – Lessons in Leadership – Marnie Taylor

Marnie Taylor discussed the three “G’s” that define her work and leadership: Grit, Grace and Gratitude. How can you incorporate these principals in your leadership development?

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Using pedometers as a motivational tool to increase physical activity.

By: Kayla Rogers & Brieon Young What tools/ incentives help motivate you get to the gym? Is it your fit bit telling you to, “Get active”? Apple watch telling you to, “Get moving/standing to long”? Or is it a simple app encouraging you to reach your 10,000 step margin? Either way all these motivational tools […]

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What is plyometrics?

by: Shana Bunce Plyometrics is nothing new to the strength and conditioning world, but is becoming more popular in individuals’ workouts. With an increase of interest in health and fitness, personal trainers and fitness instructors are looking for more powerful, interesting moves to keep people interested in exercise. Plyometrics is an exercise technique that combines strength […]

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